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Food and drinks that makes your body more united holistic are healthy levitating lesfaeces Food and drinks that makes your body disparate separated are unhealthy and morefaeces allopathy drugs are unhealthy all of them makes your body disparate separate and if you use them you would die earlier This is back of my murdered mothers head because of prolonged malnutrition food poisoning allopathy drugs kept in custody by criminals sarala shylaja sridhar balan and the organisation of thieves keeping stealing my money last 16 years. its like a flowless body split into million parts
Varunasana Corpsing after scorpio on lotus The lotus on stomach creating a Vibowa The scorpio on lotus creating another Vibowa The two Vibowas merging into another Vibowa dissolving into levity energowa while corpsing leading to deepest rest devoid of expressions like the Pacific Ocean Thats revelation from a statue i called Varuna Veena Varuna veena would be a dual head veena rabab or sarod or the shape of yogin in lotus on scorpio It could be without spine and head or with spine and head and butt as resonators Two notes or sounds from two strings coalescing into one and dissolving into zero Two vocalists singing simultaneously audient here only one sound You have two eyes but only one vision Two ears but hear only one sound You can apply this to all arms of safyra
My mother was murdered on jan12 by 11 days of forced hospitalisation in sai-hospital.com i am accusing Sridhar sarala and her sons Ramaswamy Akhil Muraleedharan as first line murderers she died of being forced to ingest too much low class allopathy drugs and too much intravenous injections and poisoned by oxygen toxification and some other gases she was made to inhale. I am her son who did not have the power to discharge her and prevented by a criminal sridhar sarala balan and many others partners to cybercrime using this domain. All she needed for recovery was Thai massages and healthy food and drinks and she was kept in custody by criminals balan shylaja sarala sridhar from 2011 by calling her their family and partnering with cybcercrime using my domains with help of US Immigration US Police USDOJ Indian Police and Other authorities and all Yoga alliance Yoga instructors who are not recognising me my guidance or book i published.I might have missed many here. Fear of death, or doubt of Creation Wherever she is now let her find peace and cold or chill She is a unique being i miss intensely I Bereave her death But can i ever reunite with her in some other relation as some other individual Does she exist? and can be reincarnated Reincarnation is a hope to overcome bereavement I will always remember you! Tell me how am i supposed to live without you Let the energies guide you to be in a state of yoga nidra Have powers of arundhati of yoga vasishta to enjoy self Created worlds in icy caverns in depth of ocean and other bodies I miss you now As i am not whole and you dont exist inside of me Fear of creation is tamas Confidence in creation is sattwa Death is being stuck in experiences you dont like for a long time
After a yoga session let you be the ephemeral ant in flower in a plumeria tree branches hanging on to river and it drops and gets carried to the ocean and vanishes
Varuna is the deepest folded state of expressionless peace Devoid of expressions like the pacific ocean
Let there be no decay Let there be no decay in your self Created worlds Let there be more ayuruvata Movements towards more deeper folded states of expressionless peace Let you be blessed to die without decay and while young Or while old in sleep As no treatment or medication can prolong life Other than self healing and ayuruvata When you decay or cannot help prevent others from decaying You are powerless fearful of death and in awe of Created Structures in the world that holds itself without decaying. Let your yoga be towards more deeper folded states of being like Varuna Let you become Water Which is naturally flowy And so devoid of worlds and gravity and experiences Book written in memory of my dead mother who died like a clogged Sewage pipe in the cruel hands of many criminals using allopathy Doctors and who i did not have the power to rescue. I gave her someThai massage remembered the training i had in 2006 in WatPo and i remember trying to relax her using my thumb on her right biceps. She might have exited the body there and entered the WatPo spirals In the temple in Bangkok i visited and touched with that memory. Her hands were swollen reacting to excessive amount of low class Or allopathic drugs and intravenous injection of strangers albmunin blood plasma in custody of a criminal hospital and cousins and relatives in olavakkode from where I was prevented to discharge her by many criminals including the local police. She decayed and died i was not powerful or wealthy to prevent Her dying in sleep without decaying. She was burnt cremated i felt the torture intensely
Statues Rivers YogaPose Pilates Rivers are like flowy movy workout routines like pilates for butt abs legs or some dance aerobics class or simply jogging Certain Rivers lead to certain YogaPoses Once You reach a level of YogaPose You can forget about the river that led to it and chose a new river to flow and new statues to pose or rest in The last river could lead you to the Ocean Like Water Varuna Deepest folded state devoid of expressions

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I have no cash in Kuta wanting 13000IDR to topup my indosat pulsa and eat a pizza 25000IDR. I have no capital or wages. I did not get the 6.5 million dollars or the 10.5 million dollars I am an individual. I am sure the criminals in akathethara that killed my mother and their international connections are responsible for this. They want me asexual as some kind of disabled hindu swami and steal all my money using cousins and yoga alliance. There is not even one comment about my book or poems in [email protected] I have no money to buy a pants or take a haircrut. I demand order the merciless execution of all police immigration govt authorities and smart married with children. I am called a mad drug addict and made to work to support others. I challenge any yoga instructors now. I have published world class yoga guidance and i need my personal wealth given.The criminals are restricting any deposits transfers into my usable SBI ATM account nor allowing me to open indonesian bank accounts nor giving me money in USA.I demand international travellers disturbed as it is not politically correct for me to walk like a beggar while others around me have cash lead life. I am an international and not an Indian national . I order an international court give me INternational travel document and my money. The ecourt.mahkamahagung.go.id is not allowing me to login as [email protected]o and Create a case, i am sleeping in kitchen lounge of Negari RIver View and without any income. Criminals want to steal my personal wealth and give me 500Rs a day. I demand auditing of whatever happened since Oct 2002. I need my money to lead a life with a woman in room and be erotic. I am liberated that experienced as Indra and Varuna and i am forced to live as a poor manushya by many clever. I need to be Indra or Varuna with a spouse. why cant [email protected] or any other email i write to in [email protected] and write something about my website and effect a solution or any of the yoga instructors i paid as customer. If i cannot sell yoga guidance then no one else should be allowed to. The criminals are not even giving me 13450Rs left in my mothers account. The criminals like bharat kumar varma shankaravarma Sridhar Balan must have met with some advocates lawyers police and the criminal doctors and filed i am missing or I need to have my money and a passport without the gayatri akathethara address. I need to be able to marry or have sex with a woman if i chose. DIa is a suspect used to prevent me connecting me with any woman a relation with a short sindhu in which there was no sexual coitus blown out of proportion many criminal psychiatrists employed using my domain. I demand the allopathy class doctors bankers and Immigration police and courts preventing me leading my life executed this second. I work some others enjoy.Trans dewata transport want 25000IDR now. Day before yesterday i fought with them. So i should be declared owner of trans dewata metro and me given the profit and i pay some taxes for status in indonesia. This is open abuse of my human rights .. I am as equal to any american traveller with passport.. They are smart thieves not giving my money outside USA and used criminals in India to kill my mother. The criminals are not allowing me to live in Chiangmai or Bangkok either.

i report i have no cash not even a room to enter or a woman to take care of me. Easily one billion can pay equivalent of 5000idr for my yoga guidance thats 357 million dollars obviously i am victim of theft i was easily worth ten million dollars dec 2011 this is my website if i was paid my mother would not have been murdered whoever stealing enjoying my money need to be executed anjana duff or any succesful yoga groups have not even given me one testimonial i am exploited as an indian national male unsuccesful in finding a mate as well. i demand someone like tara stiles or kino macgregor or katy perry or miley cyrus larry page mark zuckerberg larry ellison jack dorsey forced to suffer like me sleep in kitchen lilounge and be bitten by mosquitoes i dont owe cousins or their childrrn eemployment i have to be with a woman full time for them to claim me as husband i object to this labour exploitation

i called sbi pensioner and my murdered mothers frend girija she is also vk shankaravarmas frend +91 94473 59490 but she did not help i requested 6000rs help i object to usa and india pensioners and corporate wage earners as well.. i have no cash i am suffered isolated my mother murdered i demand no one in yoga industry have any cash many selfish criminals would say it is not their issue

I have no cash yesterday when i entered RiverView there were guests using kitchen lounge so i could rest only past 1000pm. I exited 630 please help agung pay me 50000 0r 100000idr +62 813-9092-7373 i can rest in a room. I object to this economic offense when i should be enjoying 6500000 dollars or services for 6500000 dollars .

I recieved this sms from +15084655408 Credit Alert, AFDB A/C No: ******2201 Has Been Credited with USD $6500000.00 On 20/11/2020 08:02 PM By AFDB for Federal Govt. .Available Bal:USD $6500000 but they are requesting an activation fee of 350 dollars instead of allowing me to login and do an international transfer afr-bnk.com/fr i have no cash in the past also this criminal organisation has stolen payments made to me leading to my mothers murder in poverty

I took my first yoga class in de mantra see instagram.com/pradeepxplorer and recieved 100000idr or 7 dollars but thats my only income for last 16 years i do not have my capital or online income i am sleeping in kitchen lounge of river view negari i still do not have money to pay for room or supported taken care by a woman anjana duff did not respond to my proposal nor enforce i be connected to a yoga massage woman with cash. the yoga journal yoga alliance class woman are criminals to me that murdered my mother continuung to partner with theft to irritate me a young coupleis here i have a right to offend all travelling back packing couples this is many married and married with children supported by the corporate exploiting me since mar 2004 i cannot and would not forgive this crime

Can someone having danamon account in bali indonesia contact me by whatsapp +62.85792610217 i need reference to open account i report i have no cash nor supported by woman in a relation with cash. Strange criminals managing stealing my money i still do not have even one email from pradeepkumarxplorer.com/2016/vieweremails.txt thats website views last 4 days.. i recieved no emails last 16 years as well this is my weblogs last 4 years pradeepkumarxplorer.com/2016/vieweremails2020.txt.I have no clue why that attitude led to murder of my mother and continuing suffering

I am not able to register [email protected] in identitytheft.gov it is not sending me password the password for login.bluehost.com [email protected] is SinghaEros2020!. I cannot login to ecourt.mahkamahagung.go.id the password is Ubud2020! i showed to agung i have to show it to international court of yogins and techies this is crime managing my money using [email protected] and my money capital held as pradeep kumar pulappatta not given. I still do not have cash for a room and depending on kindness for food

I have found De Mantra House of Yoga and healing being in Ubud. I talked with Guru made and he agreed to arrange a class where i can introduce my unique Course and unique yoga guidance i created day after tomorrow Wednesday 18th November 2020 at 430pm at De Mantra House of Yoga and Healing Jalan De Mantra Jl Raya Lungsiakan Kedewatan Ubud Bali www.gmsyoga.org.If you are in Ubud or Bali or Indonesia please try to be present attend

I am stuck with two indian bank accounts and i have no income to it please enforce payment if an organisation is preventing it charge them with murder of my mother and suffering me holding me hostage as disabled in india and trying to steal my money after murdering me as well.I have already been harmed prevented from having money or relating to anyone and forced to depend on my mother since 2010. And now my mother is killed . I have not related to anyone in india nor want to. By not enforcing i am paid this organisation of thieves is preventing me relating to a woman and moveon.After my mother got killed i enjoyed three weeks in thailand few months in indonesia last four months i am suffering. In particular these strange criminals kept my mother hostage killed her they are criminals want to kill me or hold me hostage as disabled in india and used by the organisation of thieves Sridhar sarala two sons criminals murdered my mother Balan shylaja rohini kannan durga criminals held my mother hostage in house rohinivilla chepilamuri underfed food poisoned made her fall down injure head and knee others like shylesh mohan who visited her also claimed her to be their fanily bharat indira suchithra sumithra sumodh criminals built a gate into gayatri akathethara 1999 and forced my mother to sell house to her. Other criminals that was in contact with her or she contacted like vk shankara varma vk rajkumar claimed the above as my mothers family State Bank of India Name on Account : Pradeep Kumar Xplorer Account number 20196908279 SWIFT code SBININNBB797 ifsccode SBIN0000893 IT PAN AGLPP4996P ICICI Bank Name on Account : Pradeep Kumar Xplorer Account number 026201523796 SWIFT code ICICINBBNRI ifsccode ICIC0000262 IT PAN AGLPP4996P Please enforce payment to these accounts

If you are a viewer of my website it is mandatory that you visit framalistes.org Search for connect mailing list click Subscribe enter your email write a comment feedback about my unique yoga guidance send the comment feedback by email to [email protected] and copy cc [email protected] pay me a subscription by wiring money to my sbi account or by using a money order service like western union send the mtcn by email to [email protected] or sms whatsapp to +62.85792610217 and ensure delivery by copy cc to [email protected] running a show around me is criminal. if you have emailed me in past i have not recieved it you have to post that in your website. this is 16th year and my money is not given claiming i have no subscribers its cybercrime if you view my website and not to do the above actions and the attitude and actions of viewers has resulted in my mothers murder and my present suffering

I demand cash payment by traveloka in ubud or kuta in their bali office for ttheir approved refund of 1.43million idr it would ease my suffering i still do not have 2.6million idr equivalent left in my murdered mothers account. The criminals are cclaiming this website and my pradeep kumar pulappatta accounts as visalakshies account since oct 2002 or mar 2004 and preventing any interpersonal interaction to me through emails by website viewers or through social media ans thus murdered my mother. Some one in mali africa contacted me and agreed to pay some money by western union mtcn i gave my current passport number N9069766 after that image of the person changed so this is a crime by us state.gov us dhs and indian passport authorities restricting me getting any payment so i demand order all their bank accounts frozen i demand all yoga alliance class instructors and yoga practitioners accounts frozen if they were ethical my mother would not hhave been murdered by criminal cousins. criminal shylesh kumar is shown as nominee of visalakshy i demand all payments to him investigated.. i have never related to any cousins this is a clever crime by many stealing my money using phrases like family values this is theft and crime since oct 2002 each and every email user of yogaworks.com agamayoga.com yogasource.com avalonyoga.com litsa kapantais has to be charged with murder of my mother and my continuing suffering i lost 30000dollars in 2007 doing yoga ttc which is not required for me to sell yoga guidance nor i need any ones approval to enjoy my capital at treasury rate since oct 2002.. the criminals prevented my mother being happy proud of me being with a woman or have a child murdered her after i made money the criminals want to call it pulappatta family or kallampat family or konikkalidam or indian national wealth then no one should have private property anywhere in world. the criminals would even claim i was send to usa because i was shown as married to short sindhu in 1994 .. and i had to suffer with erotic energy with a short woman who could not even massage me or satisfy me in sexual coitus and the criminals in citigroup or whatever group instead of employing her in some capacity in travel industry since 1999 used her to destroy my immigration status extorted 800000rs from me in 2003..

I am sitting in Jl hanuman Kafe breakfast satiated with just 15000idr and pack of magnum lights given by an army australian john who reminded me of amy starkeys father jack starkey who might be dead. traveloka is not refunding money to agungs account wanting some stamped letter from attorney so i need extremely urgent help from a danamon account holder in ubud to give as reference to open an account in my name i request subscribers help from indonesians given to me as prepaid debit atm in indonesian bank with my name Pradeep Kumar Xplorer and some indonesians name as guarantor to help ease my suffering. I object to having no wages or capital settlement

I am again reporting too much suffering last three months. Criminal low caste uneducated poor brutes that murdered my mother are still used to continue exploiting me. I have no legal or formal income past oct 2002 i am sitting in front of pepitos drinking aqua 600ml the criminals sarala shylaja prevented me helping my mother being evolved to drink bottled water and slowly killed her by malnutrition food poison and allopathy drugs. even in my poverty i manage to stay well nourished i am healthy as horse and even i have been harmed attacked hospitalised my health destroyed by low class allopathy drugs and drinks criminals have even given me intravenous saline i am someone with biluos energy to drink two full bottles of beer. I state very clearly my money is not given abusing power and current generation of yoga alliance are partner to it. The evidence i cannot login to ecourt.mahkamahagung.go.id as [email protected] is evidence criminals in indonesia partnering with them. Few lawyers i approached because ecourt.mahkamahagung.go.id mandating advocate data not accepting to represent me worries me as this is nexus of lawyers immigration police partnering to continue theft. even now mercedes benz is sold so why cant i get a few thousand atleast 108 dollars. i state i have no affection attachment relation to anyone in akathethara its theft to employ them support them using my personal accounts right now i am prevented from entering california or leading a comfortable life with pleasures in indonesia or thailand.

I am in ubud indonesia sitting in anomali coffee with just 10000idr. My money is stolen since oct 2002 me deprived of pleasures of youth i have not lived travelled with a woman past april 2001 i am trillion times sure theres enough money in my pradeep kumar pulappatta account and i could have recieved interest income of 1729 dollars atleast my mother got killed because of the continuing organised theft since oct 2002 the thieves are keeping my money in usa accounts and prevented me even entering california past jan 2009. the criminals are using my money to employ many viewing my websites yoga alliance class many criminals that can use surname of pulappatta are employed many investigators many criminals employed as police immigration ssa.gov employees maintaining a us social and us permanent resident number and many bank authorities and usdoj.gov employees maintaining a life long case. i have not even enjoyed a massage orgasm last four months me publicly stating Dia had hand orgasmed me used to prevent me enjoying heterosexual coitus by many smart married with children using criminals that murdered my mother like sridhar sarala balan shylaja criminals like bharats daughter being employed in usa when my mother was getting killed by them. Its as i cannot be erotic enjoy sex that could lead to fathering children criminals calling me promiscuos when i have not eaten well or stayed in comforting rooms last three months. Right now i need money to eat a pizza 50000idr and stay in a room 100000idr i dont have even 11 dollars or property deed of ownership of some place in bali

bluehost.com is giving one more free month hosting but i dont have my money. i am suffered by thieves who murdered my mother. i have a right to get employment wages or disability cheques or all my money as corporate settlement i have no family those who claim to be my family need to be executed. anjana duff has not contacted me or solving the situation enforcing i am paid. There is capital to wages. if i partner with another buy a tourist van for 50000dollars investing 25000dollars each we make 100 dollars profit everyday its wages. if i want to quit driving want to do yoga then partner may not be willing to sell van and give me 25000dollars so thats what sun.com did to me

i raised about 50000idr but look alike of criminal sridhars relation did not give key i have to sleep outside with roof over like a poor ambalavasi i demand order yoga girls forced to sleep this is criminal gender based discrimination me exploited and isolated because i am a man and my money not given

Anjana duff appeared in youtube after criminals deported me from california 2011 and because of my sexual deprivation i got excited to watch her cat cow but she wore a yogawear black with pink lining and i had bought one half leggings black with pink lining while in krabi and has worn it while in krabi. i lost my capacity to scorpio because of being attacked jan 2010 and her youtube workout restored it. So she is someone who knows about me . She was in my fb frend list of pdeep and she deleted when i requested her help to pay for my website. many look alikes of her appeared in thailand hampi. She should have married me in 2012 and help me get my money and rescue my mother from being murdered like this. Anyway i demand request she marry me now and take me to california .. I have some pheromonal attraction to her. Dia is a look alike and raya is a look alike. I have no money for breakfast. If anjana duff is here she should meet with me here and take care of me. I request the room be not locked

I am inside marmut home all alone without cash. I demand order each and every authority employed because i have a indian passport with gayatri akathethara palakkad address mercilessly executed. its raining heavily . i paid yesterday another 50000idr as rent.The banks were not open yesterday i went out for a smoke the woman appeared and took the lock and key and demands rent today even though i expressed i might get the 1.45million idr refund only on monday and she might be related to criminal sridhar i demand sridhar and its relatives executed. i demand all yoga alliance instructors getting income executed for preventing me having any income or being friends with me and helping me get a solution. if i dont get money today i cannot sleep on the streets. i am repeatedly contacting anjana duff to help but she is not picking up instagram calls or communicating any thing. A yoga woman like raya that helped me with 200000idr should help me as room mate or give a room in property. those who claim me to be their family in palakkad need to be mercilessly executed

I am staying in marmut home fourth night i set whois.icann.org of dhyanayoga.info to the address but the banks are not open some criminal force that murdered my mother is preventing me getting money from subscribers.This is address i would like to own it if possible Marmut home Jl. Raya Kedewatan, Kedewatan, Kabupaten Gianyar, Bali 80571 this is their number +6287760080805 The woman asked for rent i was expecting to get traveloka refund of 1.45million idr today but mandiri bank is closed So i request you to arrange help for me through noni +62 821-3470-9322 or ketut +62 87861472522 i need to stay till monday for criminal reasons some woman that i would be attracted ti is not joining and enjoying my eros and my yoga guidance and helping me by cash i object to my pradeep kumar pulappatta capital not given also i have only 55000idr i can pay them 50000idr today this is again me having to pay without having my capital that led to my mothers murder. a group claims i should get capital and not letting me get subscribers help and other group claims i should get subscribers help and not letting me get capital they are both in it together harmed harming me and my mother got killed.

There is capital to wages. Four can partner invest 50000 dollars and start a restaurent. Total capital is 200000dollars. They can make a revenue of 600000 dollars a year profit of 200000 dollars and take home 50000 dollars as salary. Thats about 4000 dollars a month. If the 50000 dollars was invested in bank at 5 percent he or she makes only 2500 dollars a year or 200 dollars a month. So if i am a partner or employee and resign i have to wait till another investor buys my share. For temporary solution the other three can give me 12000 dollars as wages settlement which is not 50000 dollars. I was given only three months wages settlement from sun.com.The capital in my name is still unknown to me. The capital of this wages pradeepkumarxplorer.com/CADOCS/ussoc3.jpg should have been given to me to avoid renting in stierlin apartments mountainview california in Mar 2004 when i registered dhyanayoga.info mar 2004 I object to me not being with any woman and not having cash why i have no subscribers to [email protected] i demand who ever working as my lawyers executed they are thieves stealing all my subscribers help as money popularity i have not lived in a relation past april 2001 nor fathered children i dont owe amy sindhu nette nongnuch any money at the expense of my suffering poverty

this is my indian bank account haz only 2000idr probably misused and me prevented me having indonesian bank accounts if you can please be kind enough az individual or group wire some money this is my sbi account please demand help from yoga practitiiners in usa this is my sbi account i have only ten rupees if you can contact some in usa and arrange transfer please help.. State Bank of India Name on Account : Pradeep Kumar Xplorer Account number 20196908279 SWIFT code SBININNBB797 ifsccode SBIN0000893 IT PAN AGLPP4996P

some criminals are getting away with theft and murder for last 18 years many clever in yoga community cousins hindu spiritual community. i am in a king size bed without a woman. many married with children and many criminals like some offensive woman in the traveller restaurent near ubud yoga house.. i am erotically liberated like millions all over world .. i am with just 40000 idr now. my indosat phone number is not giving me signal i am in marmut house rent is 100000idr i need cash to stay and rest few more days i invite the woman who helped me be with me enjoy my erotic energy if liberated. biznetworks.com is reporting kink.com bdsmstreak.com as unsafe illegal site in indonesia its as if in indonesia no one can be kinky my mother murdered my money not given because i have explored enjoyed bdsm i demand the execution of whoever preventing me with woman have money right now some criminal in indosat is preventing me using internet. its as if in a heterosexual marriage relation i cannot enjoy being pegged as if i can only have sexual coitus. this is many unliberated conservatives stealing my money. i demand everyone in this planet disturbed i have a yoga website and enforce i get paid. i demand execution of whoever behind me not being given my money oct 2002 and me not respected as yoga guide. even amy starkey is a suspect ..

I am in ubud with no cash or credit surviving on kindness for food.If you can patronise me offer free room please offer me to reduce my suffering or a woman should look after me in sexual relation. i am owner of accounts in my former name as individual the money had to be given to me when i left sun.com oct 2002 this is 18 year theft i order oracle.com accounts frozen as citibank is not giving me money.i have not authorised use of my money using this website or use of this website philanthropically. I have no family only one i would carry along was my mother who got killed because of my poverty

I am sitting outside Starbucks jl raya ubud using free biznet wifi. i have no cash and morning a tobacco smoker offered me two dunhill menthols and 5000idr for max tea. I suspect a criminal is getting something order of 50000dollars a day using my domains internet accounts and distributing using some paymemt tool like paypal.com and this can be uncovered by me only if i can investigate us banks like citibank chase wellsfargo bank of america and thai banks kasikorn krungthai indian banks sbi icici indianbank and indonesian banks. i have no income past oct 2002 not even ten dollars a day now.The thieves would call my personal income a trust right this starbucks wifi is paid by them and i would not know who how and i would not be able to pick up free coffee pastry. i am an individual with no one with me i have no biological children and the criminals getting paid as my family are thieves that murdered my mother and trying to kill me or suffer me as poor. i need to be able to enter california now .

I created a new instagram account pradeepxplorer

in indonesia now sitting inside starbucks sunset road without cash i opened fidelity investments account online i have now account i gave name as pradeep kumar xplorer but us social 619726729 system called me pradeep kumar pulappatta i dont have capital of A055603815 thieves stealing it calling me a disabled using us social i have no idea which bank has my money i have no cash for coffee many thief yoga instructors like narcis tarcau lucas rockwood sara avant stover has been paid whoever managing my money need to be executed. i have no income past oct 2002 those with surname of pulappatta are suspect thieves supported by the thief manager thieves. i object to any us based with citizen number and us social number having any cash until i am given my money. fidelity investments userid is pxplorer password Visa2020! whoever being employed using my websites or my stolen accounts calling my wealth pulappatta wealth need to be executed. i do not have property deed and i have not paid rent in kubu segera i demand subscriber help from indonesia

Raining continuosly since early morning.. i tried to meet volleyball player jessica in kp-futures.com but the look alike of drew westergreen said shr left and is in dhostel but there is no dhostel in indonesia i wanted her whatsapp and email

Without cash money proof of open corruption crime in court Log out [email protected] Today, 09:13:59 PM MDT click to expand contents I have set the password for http://ecourt.mahkamahagung.go.id username [email protected] password Star2020! it says username password correct Some criminal lawyers making money as lawyer of my personal email [email protected] The moment i login the lawyers would be liable and guilty it is prevented by the ecourt.mahkamahagung.go.id You can try yourself resetting password the password for [email protected] is Visa2020! you can login http://login.bluehost.com you can go to http://ecourt.mahkamahagung.go.id and reset password for [email protected] I am suffering without income criminal cousins in palakkad held my mother custody and murdered her. So please enforce direct payment or through sbi bank account in india 20196908279 None of you are my frends but sure educated enough to enjoy my website be ethical give me solution Cheap thieves in india palakkad stealing my money acting like my wellwisher family guardians Pradeep kumar xplorer +62.85792610217 Delete Reply...

I report no deposit has been made to the sbi account 20196908279 in india whose atm is in my posession i am in kubu segera in small room i declare i would want to own it and pay only electric or i have to get subscribers help or capital of A055603815. I called akathethara cooperative bank using indosat 01016914912555151 and talked to two send email they have not deposited even 3000indian rupees and today i am not able to make call. There is a criminal in indosat not giving me money but being employed i have expended about 50million to 60million idr in indonesia almost 10million lost to airline tickets i could not use

i report no financial solution was given. if dewata transport bus is owned by me then i should get wages as some smart human right lawyers or some of that kind prevented me walking long distance. yesterday my total cash income was 30000idr. i own my wealth. i am an individual with no family with some vague community. i have to pay atleast a million idr for this room for a month or get my own property in kuta. my collarbones sticking because i have not eaten enough food. those employed by my websites and wealth are smart they killed my mother. when i whatsapp someone it is known to the organisation. and instead of me getting enough subscriber help the thieves prevents and controls me like a child. if there is a breakfast place i can eat freely its not known to me.

I have shifted to kubu segera. dia is not picking call. i created email for both dia and rati i met whatsapped username and password. [email protected] and [email protected] +62 812-3858-9415 and tomorrow i meet yessica pt kontakperkasa futures. i have only 20000idr now. no subscriber help or other payments i forgot to take yessicas whatsapp email

madayu asked me to leave and he gave me only 50000idr. i requested 500000idr from him for my book but he did not. I paid about 3000000 idr in rent for ayu beach

This is my device mac 14:9F:3C:F5:F0:39 some criminal in indosat is restricting mobile data access to internet from my samsung j2 prime with indosat sim +62.85792610217 at level below tcp. Some look alike of a murdered cousin satishs wife mini showed up in ayu beach 2 says she is russian i demand merciless execution of each and every employed using my domains especially relatives and their connections from akathethara making life impossible for me last 16 years they murdered my mother want to kill me too. i have no cash. i dont any cousins children employment or money. no one from akathethara or palakkad has even deposited even 100rs into my sbi account 20196908279

I topped up indosat with 25000idr pulsa and subscribed to 1gb 5000idr 30hr internet it worked and stopped working in the night. now i am using munchies restaurent wifi to update this. some criminal in indosat knows the content of communication and preventing me using enjoying internet. There is no water waiting for it to be fixed

By viewing this website you accept it is pradeep kumar xplorers website and accept everything stated in the website and my twitter account @ThaiKumar you are also partnering with crime if you dont send me a personal email to [email protected] I am now underweight by five kilograms.If you have cash and view this website you are liable for me not being able to eat for atleast 70000idr a day enjoy heterosexual coitus and eros and be with a woman and maintain my yogabody. if i cannot sell then no one should be able to sell.I expect atleast 50000idr from a well off individual. Right now i have only 2500idr its and it was a crime to use my website to employ support others. I demand i be paid subscriber help

My mother murdered and me without cash [email protected] 09/30/2020 (08:04:29 PM MDT) click to expand contents I am ex sun.com employee author registrant owner of this domain since Mar 2004.I have a usa social security number and an international tax id 619726729. I have a US citizen permanent resident number A055603815 that looks like a usa treasury account I am an individual exploited harmed by many. I have recieved no personal email in this some financial criminals are using to employ many. I just needed this email if i recieved my capital in mar 2004. This is my wages statement pradeepkumarxplorer.com/CADOCS/ussoc3.jpg According to this pradeepkumarxplorer.com/CADOCS/ussoc2.jpg i was worth 1729 dollars a month. I am ayuruvata class and to get my money i dont need anyones authority.I do not ever need the services of allopathy class i am self healer i have been harmed in palakkad four times and immigration detentions two times because of my money not given to me and my mother murdered by two criminals balan sridhar and another suspect that built a gate into my mothers house. I have a website that almost all word speaking can use i dont have income or even a comment about it evidence of crime. Its 414960 us dollars i should have recieved when i registered dhyanayoga.info in mar 2004. Or it might be the same amount when i left sun.com Oct 2002. Someone haz stolen this capital. I could have called myself Xplorer Xplorer in Mar 2004. I have no family i was attached to my mother being the only son and she had a house and pension. She has been murdered because of cybercrime using dhyanayoga.info This is racist nationalist crime continuing when i am an international. I need a USA passport and compensatory damages for having my mother murdered and being socially isolated especially in the WWW yogabody injured this hour. I need the value of my capital today.Each day of delay is a crime This is many clever authorities who has stolen money hoarded money trying to kill me.I do not anyone in corporate get any wages until i am given capital that includes their cunning police immigration authorities lawyers bank authorities yoga software employees Pradeep kumar Xplorer Delete Reply... Some criminal accountants lawyers are managing my money using my domains calling me member of a group of criminals that killed my mother harmed me when i should have control of that money since mar 2004. now they would say the money is huge and employ many . i could have called myself xplorer xplorer long time ago. i used a given name it could not lead to 18 years of suffering. . i demand all money in my former names given to me in my current name or if criteria is that those with former names are helped then they should separate it and give my money as pradeep kumar xplorer. a group of smart found me exploitable attackable harmable continuing the theft

i report i dont have cash whoever employed using my domains and internet accounts should be fired whoever running a show giving non verbal feedback need to be ended. This is a 18 year cyber financial economic offense When i entered california jul 2011 i should have been let in as A055603815 and the money capital even now stolen using my domains should have been. My mother was staying in a house next to gayatri akathethara and should have continued staying there. Instead criminals Eduardo revelles look alike of narcia tarcau and a criminal looking like a sun.com colleague John fischer detained me. There was a criminal looking like criminal balans daughter rohini was present. I was detained against my wishes in yuba county detention and not let in. I already had a A055603815 number so it was a crime to put me through asylum status and i demand each and every employed using me and my accounts executed without mercy. A criminal named khamsen from palakkad related to criminals that kept my mother custody in rohinivilla was called ICE detention officer. Its face looks like some strangers to me related to criminal balan old dead shanthakumaran aravindan. Now my mother is murdered The only money i recieved was from my mother about 750000rs from 2011 to 2015 and after that some monthly payment from her pension. I am trillion times sure this is theft of my money by forces running chepilamuri durga temple and criminals like sridhar and sons neighbour hood of gayatri akathethara and others like shankaravarma and many indian forces

facebook.com stopped reporting my website as spam when i logged into my facebook.com account pradeep.xplorer from denpasar district court computer. i have been forced to use facebook.com since may 2008 and i still do not have a girl friend that would answer my phone or have frends that i can contact by phone or email or facebook messages comments. i have zero cash now and my mother got murdered. i used santorini restaurents free wifi where i have eaten paying cash. i have marketed my website using my first facebook account pdeep which was deleted to coverup cybercrime after i commented on facebook page of criminal thief durga temple chepilamuri that they are thieves holding me and my mother hostage and they have now murdered my mother. The evidence of my facebook.com/lugimwidnaus not having few million likes is evidence of financial crime. I demand each and every facebook user not commenting or liking my page facebook.com/lugimwidnaus especially those who have used it to be accused to have partnered with murder of my mother and my continued suffering.

My last update did not go through i wrote the woman in citibank denpasar branch i talked to looks related to my late mothers frend indira sudarsanan. she has relative look alike of ravikumar gp sun india 2001 and some look alike has worked in citibank coimbatore. i was attacked and harassed by some traffic police ismail early 2004. i was referred to a lawyer kr nair who did not charge him. when i protested in 2009 kr nair attacked me i also attacked him one day after look alike of ravikumar gp visited me in my mothers house gayatri gave me a hand shake and left. fuzzy communication. identity document should be printable in a kiosk. i should be able to take my photo scan my fingerprint input my name pay 5 dollars get an identity document from wherever i am. instead all my money is stolen calling me alien foreigner member of family

I entered citibank branch near denpasar i informed them i entered indonesia to open bank account in my new name since jul 2009 i entered after feb 20 they did not i informed its economic offense to keep my money in usa or india or thailand in former or current names and have me stranded here with no income i recorded it and the security looking like son of movie actor in jurassic park objected to me having recording grabbed it deleted it threatened to call police if i did not allow it so i lost that video

I still dont have my money the corrupt denpasar district court did not help me register a case threatened me by calling me a foreigner did not accept me as a natural hominida in indonesia bali criminal mathilda threatened to arrest me using their police if i enter court and disturb them again showed no concern about my mothers murder or accept human rights violation of me having no income having no woman with me i demand no one live in relation or have no income clever thieves running governments courts immigration police preventing out of court solution or in court solution. the criminals want me to go to central jakarta to be away from international traveller crowd who are sensitive to my human rights violation. I am called citizen of india where no one has satisfied me even once in sexual coitus

The crime continues whoever employed by my domains last 16 years are criminals that prevented me getting income money that led to murder of my mother. Denpasar district court to me is corrupt i did not get any money they kept on stating cybercrime or crime is police matter but the police are the criminals .. i want all wages of all employed using my domains taken back. desi and mathilda sounded uneducated and asking me to go to central jakarta. i am trillion times certain i could have been allowed to login as [email protected] the advocate data limitation kept or removed me allowed to upload case and summon defendants. i am victim of cybercrime because of many that includes their police and immigration lawyers and other frends.mathilda who was introduced as the head threatened me when i insisted case number. its organised crime the thieves are employing uneducated like mathilda and desi and my mother got murdered by usdoj.gov and indian courts and their criminal police and immigration. there is not even personal email to me from viewers nor ubscribers help. its organised crime that there is not one viewer email subscription in connect emailing list of framalistes.org. i demand thieves employed by my domains fired and my money given.The evidence is https://visa-online.imigrasi.go.id/index.xhtml this link also does not accept [email protected] as email.

The ecourt.mahkamahagung.go.id is not allowing me to login as [email protected] i could set the password as Bali2020! evidence of corruption in indonesian court. By logging in i prove i have a case against viewers of my website and those employed using my domains and those justifying theft of my money using my domains. I am international hominida here and only identity i have is i am owner registrant author of my domains my identity documents are misrepresentation used to continue theft. its ecourt.mahkamahagung.go.id asking for advocate data. I need my money given here there are international banks in bali where i can keep my money in us dollars. i do not want anyone employed in denpasar district court or lawyers say i cannot register a case here. This is 16 years of economic offense by a clever nexus of immigration police lawyers and the thieves surviving using me. I wrote to [email protected] if they are ethical they would arrange a deposit right now into my sbi account 20196908279 for temporary relief

this email bounced email to [email protected] bounced

Dear pradeep Kumar xplorer, Thank you for contacting ICANN Global Support Center. Case # 00974748 has been created to address your inquiry. A member of the ICANN Global Support Team will contact you shortly. Case Information: Subject: The denpasar district court is closed Description: and i am stuck in bali my mother murdered without any cash. The balance in my pxplorer onlinesbi.com account listing 20196908279 is 70ps and i do not have any other atms an organisation of thieves employed using my domains. I am with trillion times certainty reporting i was granted A055603815 permanent resident status in california as ex sun.com employee and the collateral for that had to paid in citibank or wellsfargo bank when i resigned from sun.com oct 2002 (600000 dollars or more)My mother was alive with her home and her pension. This is crime by many us immigration authorities and lawyers and police who did not enforce that payment.All i recieved was a wages settlement of 12 weeks pay. Whoever stole it is stealing my subscribers help from my websites dhyanayoga.info explodingmoon.org pradeepkumarxplorer.com also. Its a crime to expect me being able to maintain a permanent residence in mountainview with 125000dollars wages saving. This is crime of stranding me out of california murdering my mother and harning me and now trying to defeat me using these criminals Sridhar sarala sanjay rajeev who held my mother hostage in old pulappatta house underfed her drugged killed her Balan shylaja rohini kannan durga holding her hostage in rohinivilla chepilamuri food poisoning her using temple and political organisations to keep her custody make her fall and injure her head and killed her.Imagine if you were put in a cell and fed slimy water forced to injest allopathy drugs fed very little food poisoned your bones would become brittle and fall down and you would die. In addition a criminal bharat has build a gate into gayathri to propagate a theory there is joint family ownership and used my money to do it. I am without cash please enforce some deposit to my sbi account 20196908279 using my websites or us social. us social investments are my wages saving investments not capital. Even one book price of 108 dollars would help me stay healthy next three days. I have no family those who claim as family are thieves murderers. I pioneered WWW browser usage. if facebook.com has used my capital frivolously claiming i should meet someone online it is a crime. My website is the only evidence of my life in sun.com. There is no wikipedia entry or some database entry thats public that says i was ex sun.com employee I object to this open violence inflicted on me.Its a crime the yoga instructors are not even returning the fees i paid them or partnering with me to raise some wages for me using my website.There is not even one subscriber to [email protected] and a comment about my book.My website is not community or family work. I have no family. my father and mother got killed i have not lived in relation past APRIL 2001 I have registered for Salak Bali and when i clicked on submit report in front of Agus Beach inn it reported network failure.I wanted to submit from inside court as i am not comfortable interacting with any police or immigration. if mountainview police was ethical when i resigned from sun.com i would have recieved the capital for A055603815 oct 2002 as cash or property deed to maintain my permanent residency as retired software engineer interested in yoga fitness it might be anywhere above 600000dollars. I would have relocated bought a home relocated my mother married had children.Its a crime if criminal bharat has used my money to have three kids as it has some relatives in texas. Debra h baker heidi wilson was immigration lawyers. It should have been given as removal proceeding cheque jan 2009 by lawrence di costanzo.This is capital theft by us immigration and they should be prosecuted for murdering my mother and still continuing their theft and intention to murder me using criminals in palakkad akathethara. I had two credit cards that maxed out jan 2009. Those who collected the debt would know about my account.Those who are keeping it need to be executed as i have no money for lunch. i wrote to [email protected] many times. I do not trust any authority making wages as police or immigration. i have no money for lunch. The bank that has my accounts not giving it to me Pradeep Kumar Xplorer I am saying if some will is put easily one million indonesians can help me with 5000 or 10000idr and me paid to have a good life in indonesia. I am a hominida now in indonesia. Those who are employed using my domains are criminals to me i am exploited to support others when i dont have cash to eat even enough food.

A viewer of website can easily go to framalistes.org subscribe to connect mailing list write some comments about my yoga guidance and book. i do not have even one comment about my book its as if criminal mark zuckerberg can promote his frivolous company worldwide make money and i cannot. this is open crime that led to murder of my mother.I order us military bury alive whoever attacked and repeatedly injured my yoga body disabled my websites in palakkad and their criminal frends in us immigration police

I order execution of criminals running organisation company using my domains using many criminal indian and usa authorities and stealing money that i should have expended and murdered my mother. the criminals are justifying theft by supporting many married with children and making me live asexual i object some criminals preventing now a woman to be with here with me here. Dia i met is being controlled by criminals then the tall thai woman i had sexual coitus in daisy dream bangkok should be here. criminals used thieves balan sridhar bharat kannan mohandas shyleshkumar indira all of its children and all they contacted to hold my mother hostage used politicians to steal my money i have only 70ps. Whoever being employed by my domains calling it trust nonprofit and not giving capital linked to us permanent resident status A055603815 that created wages for 619726729 are criminals to me. I have no family or wellwishers if i have i would get a call to +62.85792610217 right now .My yoga body was injured end of 2017 by three kerala police authorities low caste criminal frends of low caste balan and kannan and many in chepilamuri and i order them executed

I order no yogabooks especially of smart cunning criminals like sara avant stover tara stiles deepak chopra sold in amazon.com until my book is sold and me recognised and paid i demand no yoga instructors have any income until i am paid this is open crime of raising cash using me and not paying me and supporting many criminals like mark zuckerberg tara stiles sara avant stover deepak chopra clever thieves used to justify theft of my money i am here with 1000idr no money for lunch and many clever getting wages using my domains. my emails to [email protected] and [email protected] is getting bounced now.whoever enjoying my money as family employee need to be executed as their deceptive smartness led to my current situation and murder of my mother

Bluehost.com extended hosting for one more month but i need a solution next week i have no cash the cruel criminals are not depositing cash into my sbi account. i send five different emails from [email protected] to [email protected] to get 13450rs in my murdered mothers account as temporary relief but it is being bounced. i entered denpasar district court and loaded my website in their ecourt registration computer. i talked to haru and putri. but to me just viewing my website in their computer should lead to a solution.

I report i am sitting near denpasar district court a krisna dewi has recieved my email to delay solution and defeat me and suffer me some associates insisted a file police report i informed her kerala police created by my stolen money killed my mother i object to us military not giving me money in denpasar district court or some other venue. i filed a fbi report yesterday and copied [email protected] Pengadilan Tata Usaha Negara serang [email protected] [email protected] [email protected] [email protected] its not in archive. i state my first book was over dec 2011 easily one crore indians could have used paid me ten rupees i could have used it live in thailand with my mother instead i was held hostage by criminals in chepilamuri running a durga temple and made me live asexual for 500rs a day. dhyanayoga.info was not available for registration. criminals exploited me world wide employed many and now my mother murdered the low class criminals balan sridhar murdered my mother for criminal rohini to get a govt job.Now i dont have the 30000rs a month my mother used to help me. criminal bharat also exploited me to marry and employ its daughters

I had a paypal account linked to [email protected] 2006 2007. i paid for acroyoga class sept nov 2007 to some julie mitchell using paypal. i have these paypal accounts [email protected] and [email protected] both limited. paypal deleted [email protected] . I could not reopen it also. Yesterday i created indonesian based [email protected] are my discoveries. i could link paypal [email protected] to citibank NA bank account 5908568801 with some bank code. Thats a citigold account i opened while sun.com employed in bangalore. I closed it when i visited charlotte north carolina to meet a litsa kapantais who send a newsletter to [email protected] informing she shifted to estate in ballantyne near some river creek that was like 50 or more 500000 dollar plus homes. When i tried to pay bluehost.com hosting 15 dollars its asking me for debit credit card visa master number. if i type in my sbi or icici atm card it says not supported. why it cannot just charge the repository. i suspect citibank has debit credit cards in my name not given or stolen by the organisation run using my website. if [email protected] is linked to repository then it need not ask for visa master card.The visa master card is security or theres duplicate charges. i setup [email protected] while in india but paypal came with restriction paypal india users cannot pay another paypal india user. then i setup [email protected] then criminals in india came up with gst restriction. now the criminals are not depositing cash in 20196908279. I report this is organised crime of using my websites at .com speed stealing money paid to me using criminal cousins employing many viewing my websites or has some connection with me or my mother. These are openly criminal not of my class or websavvy and murdered my mother. These cannot be employed using my websites or be in indonesia thailand nepal cambodia laos greece united states as they directly murdered my mother used by criminals Sridhar sarala its sons rajeev sanjay balan shylaja rohini kannan durga bharat indira sumodh suchithra sumithra neighbours of gayatri akathethara palakkad those like vk shankaravarma udit chaithanya who i interacted to save my mother mohandas those from akathethara

I am in family mart kuta square without cash. I survived on kindness of some road side vendors and tobacco smokers. i need a water but i cannot pick it from here. I have to now pay 15 dollars to bluehost.com to maintain my three domains so i really need to be helped by someone with a visa card expiry date and cvv code. no one deposited cash into my sbi account 20196908279 i am worried cybercriminals and fraudulent authorities preventing it. my mother got murdered because of me not having any wages and me repeatedly attacked and harmed. i walked to court and reportee cybercrime and emailed [email protected] i have no family or connection in india those who are claiming to be my family are thieves murdered my mother partnering with theft to execute me and disable my websites and getaway with trillion dollar crime of making google facebook twitter public and mushrooming hotel chains and no one knows or has to use my websites.sec.gov usdoj.gov ssa.gov are criminals. i met with someone who says he owns don juan from tennesse he gave me some wine one rice meal but cannot help me pay for my website and he did not offer me beer but took some cart of beer to beach. i object to americans having any cash until they clear my debt and pay me wages or subscribers help us citizen ship or any citizen ship is just some piece of print and database entries i want money or i have to get everything free i am getting freewifi from yoshinoya not food they say company in jakarta pays for it why cant they pay me money

I am in family mart kuta square where i have authenticatee many times without cash. my sbi accounts have no cash and bluehost.com i have to pay 15 dollars to maintain website. This is 16 years of cybercrime using my domains and accounts in usa. i requested help to reach bali district court this is many levels of deception coverup that led to murder of my mother i cannot even eat something from here some criminals related to ayse inan might be here. the criminals in akathethara and chepilamuri are not my wellwishers but criminals that murdered my mother and its a continuing plot to disable my websites and not help me live as yoga guide

i tweetee my healed feet and twitter is showing it as sensitive media. i need to get to this location. i want to reach here a rati agreed to give me lift but backed out today norning Jalan Tegal Wangi, Kuta Square, Kuta, Kabupaten Badung, Bali 80361 can a woman with scooter come to family mart sendok kuta square i have only 1000idr i want a ride to denpasar district court [email protected] is saying i need kitas to open permata bank account and is open crime by all banks calling me poor as if i was employed for charity in usa this crime is nexus between many fraudulent bank authorities immigration and police and many criminals like sridhar and allopathy doctors and they murdered my mother very cruelly if after admitting in sai hospitals olavakkode the criminals like sridhar sarala was prevented entering i could have discharged her and taken her to coimbatore lodge. i did not have money so this is a nexus between many having my money and those like sridhar i object to not being taken to court by a frendly woman dia has not shoewn in kuta .. [email protected] says she needs a referral from another permata bank account holder so i need to have it today. she herself is part of the show

I demand no corporates using www have any income. this is another court location Jalan Panglima Besar Sudirman No.1, Kelurahan Dauh Puri, Kecamatan Denpasar Barat, Kota Denpasar, Bali 80232 Telephon: (0361) 222341 i have no family and my mother had no family except me

This man contacted me by whatsapp +91 96452 14624 not blocking me agreed to deposit some cash and then objected to my fb news feed and kept on doubting who i am and then called me bad words. i have recieved no money in my sbi accounts it has 70paise. i need to pay for bluehost.com hosting tomorrow. i object to continuing intention to disable my websites and theft of my money exploiting me 16 years using my websites and murder of my mother

I report i am sitting in family mart kuta square without cash i have not eaten well i would want to pick up an orange juice and sit i am trillion times sure my money and subscribers helo is stolen by an organisation of unethical thieves last 16 years they destroyed my home base in california impoverished me harmed me destroyed my yogabody in india and murdered my mother.I worked and paid taxes in us to us federal govt and i call them murderal govt. 1991 1998 when i had excessive sexual energy i was forced to look after a short girl with whom i can never have sexual coitus. i found release in some massages and alternate sexuality. a criminal short woman has entered by criminals knowing what i am typing that i tweeted. i was in a relation with an amy starkey 1999 2001 which was relief to me. not all californians are into alternate sexuality i had normal sexual coitus with her our relation was destroyed by criminal indians and agamayoga group and many forces until now has prevented me being in a live in relation and they have exploited me impoverished me keeping my money and murdered my mother. madayu haa knocked on my door and took an image of my passport. he says he cannot view my website. i never had sexual coitus with even one indian woman i had sexual coitus with only californian and thai and the thieves are stealing all my money calling me indian national with an address i never entered after jul 2010. my mother got murdered because of many thief authorities and criminal relatives who need to be slaughtered. I should have been given removal proceeding cheque jan 2009 for A055603815 in executive office of immigration review sanfrancisco montgomery street building i dont owe a cent from that to anyone whoever stole it or keeping it need to be executed. The criminal organisation running this website thinks i have it and i have no income either.I remember a lucas rockwood advertising absolute yoga kosamui for sale april 2008 after criminal fabregas romeo forced me to sign I407 in craigslist for 600000 dollars. Thats a man claiming i should have recieved 600000dollars when i signed I407 or he must have recieved that money from this criminal organisation and the man advertised his marriage to me in facebook

This is iwans number +62 812-3856-3232 receptionist says he is owner of kutamajesty hotel where i stayed more than a week paid 160000idr a day i set whois.icann.org i requested to know what property deed is in my name or managed using my domains as some look alike of someone from anodard hotel chiangmai has been employed there. i am underfed this is organised crime reducing my erotic energy and to steal my money preventing me fathering a child. i have eaten only for 20000idr when i need 70000idr criminals in kerala must be celebrating onam i am using souvlaki wifi but they have not offered me free food and a man sitting eating food commented indian kama sutra Indian bank has not transferred small amount of money and i dont have income. I need all my money now. US is not removing me to kill me outside of USA or using criminal indian govt to steal and disable my websites and get awway with all economics done using my domains without paying me anything. This is almas number +62 811162621 please request him to arrange help to get to bali district court or a temporary solution .. Its a crime i have to get to some place to get justice or my money and the criminals would say its USDOJ and the criminals in US IMmigration prevented me getting to USDOJ office and i was there Jan 2009 in Montgomery Street Executive office of Immigration review criminal LAwrence di costanzo did not give me the removal for A055603815(Capital) and US Social 619726279(Saved Wages) and that resulted in my mothers murder. I was worth two billion dollars cash using my first book in 2012 and facebook.com has exploited me they went public after i opened KrungThai account in 2012. I worked 1994-2002 in USA and Created US Social security record in the prime of my youth. I have no income from that investment. Thats about 200000 dollars if i put in a bank at 5 percent i can get 10000 dollars a year pension income. Its very difficult to Create another pension investment at this age. So this is why i am sure theres a capital amount thats mine i should have recieved in Jan 2009 and a restoration of my US permanent status. I never had sexual coitus with even one Indian woman, The indian passport and PAN Card is forced on me and fraud is happening using it. I need my money in permatabank now. Otherwise it is a crime for anyone to be employed using my domains. Like i mentioned before wherever i stayed some representatives got employed many years. WHy should they depend on me?. WHy i cannot sell yoga guidance?. A look alike of sage also was shown in Top north hotel chiangmai. Whether i am married or single i have to meet my basic needs of living in a comfortable room alone and have enough to eat. Only wealthy woman should marry to procreate. This is Dias its probably a nick name number I have no idea why is she having an Indian number +91 9159458923 is she someone Created by the shaktheyam kind of movement..She should help me get to court and get a solution. someone is controlling her and she keeps on saying i am an Indian and i object to anyone calling me an Indian i can teat my indian passport if i get my money. I have no emotion connection to anyone in India but if my money is in india i have to get it to meet my needs. Theres is no need for VISAs and Immigration for me i am international. Its a crime when i was in India it was not solved. Its a crime after my mothers murder when i entered Thailand it was not solved Its a crime now in indonesia its not solved. An Australian or someone you would call a white fought with me in a BAr opposite KCircle where Imelda worked and now thats closed said fuck off. Its many criminals like that behind this never ending crime. I demand compensatory damages for my suffering last 16 years. Its many smart married with children in corporates also behind this. My current passport and identity documents are misrepresentation. I am Ubermens and owner of IP Value of this website and ex sun.com employee and have health but living below poverty levels because of many smart thieves. The thieves in akathethara want to hold me hostage calling me a member of pulappatta family and steal my wealth and criminals like VK shankaravarma want to exploit me also. Otherwise why would that man not even help me by 2000Rs i spend for VK shankaravarma three meals and beer and he cannot even pay me 2000Rs. Today also my Varuna.html got truncated and using backup pro i clicked on restore and i lost changes to index.php so i am sitting in an internet center to insert. I report i have no cash. I am an International who worked for multinational sun.com and sun.com paid only three months pay when i quit and thats is not the money in my name. I Was granted permanent resident status in california A055603815 on AUg 22 2002 and it has an economic basis i was worth enough to live rest of my life in California i would assume its like 500000 dollars it was not given to me. Now it is about 1000000 dollars. I should have been given thta collateral or guarantee money held by the US govt when i resigned from sun.com or when i registered dhyanayoga.info on Mar 2004. It could be more. The criminals would claim it too much to give to individual and they would not let me get subscriber help. I am now in Indonesia my websites are run like a company organisation without my permission authority without giving me an income and that led to my mothers death in pain and poverty the smart criminals who killed my mother like balan sridhar shankaravarma and many relatives like bharat that build a gate into my mothers home are getting away with it. I do not need managers. I want all my money as cash and i would manage it at the interest rate and continue publishing my website and to steal my capital and also website subscribers help an offensive organisation of thieves are doing many things. I am an international in indonesia and i have had sexual orgasms with woman and so i am an indonesian and its already seven months. The criminals are indian govt and the USA govt that calls me a Indian even after was in a relation with amy starkey and many others in their ways. I am an international and my money cannot be stolen using words like nationality immigration status passport visa .. i need my money in some bank and it has to be available to me now. I am self employed entrepreneur i invested all my savings. I could have enjoyed the 500000 dollars from Mar 2004 and my mother would not have been murdered. Instead the criminals are using me to run many service providers like facebook twitter google many corporates and i have no corporate income also. I am underfed last three days.. I have not had enough soy or cheese. My book is not published by this international group of thieves who want to survive by physical fighting. I wrote i can orgasm three times a week and i can easily father children it is being prevented to explot me and feed other mens children and employ many without any regard for me. I requested Dia look alike of anjana duff to some how arrange transportation to bali district court i want to sue all passport authorities immigration police behind this never ending crime. I was harmed in India, The indian govt murdered my mother and harmed me they cannot keep my money i do not want any one to keep my money.I have not lived with a woman past April 2001 and using it many criminals like kannan balan sridhar bharat has exploited me they are criminal strangers to me. They held my mother hostage. There is a criminal organisation shaktheyam that exploited me using femdom woman i have no need for any californian woman if i have money i would be comfortable in indonesia thailand. SOme criminals are using me to fight against gaish heterosexuals also. econ with no cash

Indianbank did not transfer i survived on frendship help. Madayu informed indian embassy can help with passport but thats again dependency on passport with expired address i declared i am international indonesian my money is stolen using an old pulappatta house and an expired address gayatri akathethara palakkad i have no connection emotion with anyone in india nor want to ever enter india. i recieved no cash help [email protected] says she is waiting for approval. the us govt is criminal not giving me removal proceeding cheque and the organisation operating is criminal not paying me money but stealing my subscribers help. munchies is giving me free wifi here but who is paying them 10000idr everyday to cover it up

My first book that i completed in dec 2011 has potential to be used by all internet users may be over 3 billion and second book some percentage of the 300 million yoga pilates fitness practitioners yet i have no income and my mother died in pain and poverty why cant this open cybercrime ended.

I am sitting in family mart again i have 500idr i was part of the citigroup morgan stanley smith barney corporate and i had no income past oct 2002 i really neee an orange juice and is a serious crime this is continuing. i am not part of any corporate just a customer my websites are personal websites even though supported by bluehost.com. Whoever employed by my domains or me being a customer of any service are economic offenders that led to my mothers poverty and death and my current situation

This is address of morgan stanley smith barney in jakarta. JAKARTA PT Morgan Stanley Sekuritas Indonesia 20/F, World Trade Centre 2 Metropolitan Complex Jl. Jenderal Sudirman Kav. 29-31 Jakarta 12920 Indonesia .I need to be taken there and given a personal wealth settlement. Otherwise i want 10000indonesians give me 10000idr for my yoga guidance now. I have to give the above and citibank and us govt as defendants making me so poor and have many employed wealthy

i approached baggner again he said no to help so if you are contacting him or being his customer through my websites you have to help me also

I am sitting in family mart oppposite yoshinoya kuta sendok square with no cash. I want a golda coffee now the mart would not give me freee 3000idr coffee. i do not have a permatabank account indianbank has not transferred the 13450rs. rupa +91 94460 03803 has to have internet to pick up whatsapp call she is indian bank akathethara. its a crime even after seven months of my mothers death i have to depend on akathethara. I am an indonesian bali now. i have set whois.icann.org to many properties i rented like radiant hotel and spa kuta majesty hotel mahabharata kuta hotel surf doggiee inn kuta sari hotel ayu beach inn kempu house inn. i have already been sexual with five indonesian woman, i had sexual coitus with thai woman in daisydream club so i am both thai indonesian i have to be able to have sexual coitus with indonesian. i have to be paid as yoga guide or i have to work aa masseuse for woman or be employed in spa hotels as yoga guide or i have to get the money to retire. Someone should help me get to district court in bali scooter ride baggner did not take me so some woman or man can take me. As expected the black uniformed in family mart did not give me golda coffee i report i am underfed this is organised crime continuiing. My visa card with name Pradeep Kumar Xplorer issued by SBI was declined

This is crime by many travel immigration govt authorities that has murdered my mother making me suffer. I need to be given my money or property deed with my name or position with income. i order citibank chase bank us social not allowed to operate whoever stolen stealing need to be exposed

Its 1625 in kuta bali lakshmi sbi and rupa indian bank is not taking whatsapp call. I HAVE now just 3500 idr. All it takes for a wellwisher to offer me price of a book go to westernunion pay me 108 dollars and send mtcn to sms whatsapp to +62.85792610217 in name of Pradeep Kumar Xplorer and i can go with my current passport and collect it. I am trillion times sure there is an organisation using my money to prevent me getting cash and all such actions led to murder of my mother in pain and poverty and my current suffering.Criminals like sue soffe would say dont give that man cash he would get married in indonesia or have more sexual relations. Those in india can do a neft rtgs transfer to my account or walk into sbi and fill in deposit slip and give cash. I dont want unitee nations steal all my money and give me food packets. I raised domain name dispute against ssa.gov they owe me 200000us dollars today. my money has to be in international bank and someone should put a lien of us govt ssa.gov accounts

I send sms to [email protected] to put a lien on citibank bangalore for 200000dollars. I object to woman i had sexual coitus in bangkok and chiangmai like lak Nette nongnuch and few others not here to help me and the criminals using strangers like drew westergreen kino macgregor sara avant stover to continue this violence against me. The last woman i had sexual coitus was a Tall Thai woman in nuru massage. Madayu +62 811-388-850 said he is owner and is whatsapping for rent now he says i have to talk to his boss. He has to wait till indianbank gives me money. I object to any criminals in yoga alliance or criminal allopath doctors that attacked me or criminals that murdered my mother objecting me to smoking few cigarettes a day. My cousins or yoga alliance cannot steal my money if i drink beer or have sex and use my money to give wagew to others who fathered children. bharat and indira are criminals to me build a gate into my mothers house and be used by the criminals. I am not from malabar or ernakulam they are crimimally strange places to me. I am california and Thailand and now indonesian exploited by smart criminals in usa using criminals in indian govt. I object amy also not being here. Dia has to be informed of this situation as well.

i state i am in bali since feb 18th i declare i want to be in indonesia for my security until i get economic solution. i have to supported in marriage by international indonesian as i have no clue why no money is given to me my mother murdered like this. i am an international and exploiting me as an indian national resulted in my mothers murder.I order my book be sold and money given or no yoga alliance class allowed to sell until they return money extorted from me. my yoga body is again injured. whoever employed by my domains are criminals to me. i have no income i have a right to have income whoever preventing it need to be executed

On January 13, 2009, Morgan Stanley and Citigroup announced the merger of Smith Barney with Morgan Stanley's Global Wealth Management Group, with Morgan Stanley paying $2.7 billion cash upfront to Citigroup for a 51% stake in the joint venture. The joint venture operates as Morgan Stanley Smith Barney.I had hearing in montgomery wellsfargo building where suspect Lawrence di costanzo sat on a pedestal and some criminals paid my money to lawyers representing usdhs jan 9th 2009. Some travel record keepers would have record of this. I have no wages from the above expansion

I report again i have only 500idr and does not have money for lunch the indianbank is taking too long to transfer the remaining balance of my mothers indian bank account 557120201 by neft to my account in SBI 20196908279 or the other account. I walked to baggners indian food place and requested for one million idr credit and he is not giving it. This is my website and i have no family whoever in india claiming to be my family are criminals that murdered my mother and continuing this violence. whoever employed by my domains knowing where i am using my phone numbers are also partners to this. I have fed vk shankaravarma food in restaurents in india using my cash and i want him to be informed i dont have cash and enforced he pays me 2000rs for that. I have never related to anyone as family in palakkad akathethara raj except for my mother and i was burdened to look after a woman in their community in 90s with whom i could never have sexual coitus and my first sexual coitus was with amy starkey at age of 29 it crime lesbian dom woman has been used to continue this crime. The criminals have used those like sue soffe drew westergreen to prevent me having any income clever english ways to trap me in marriage or kill me. I entered USA in 1994 not with sack of gold whatever money in my name should be given now

I have zero balance in my sbi account and thats the only ATM i have and all services here asks for cash. I have not eaten well this is a insensitive criminal corporate and equally insensitive employees. I send filled in forms to indianbank and they have not responded only sbi whatsapp responded but did not hear anything later.You have to arrange cash given to me in indonesian idr now . I am trying to sell my sunglass for 20000idr and i am sure a criminal organisation is preventing it. My basic needs are not met today

Someona has prevented Baggner from helping me buying a book anyway i am in Kuta Bali i need partner ship of some resorts spas to market my website i can also be a private yoga guide and masseuse using my websites. The masseuses that in Kuta Bali that has already satisfied me need to help me as this is open crime by many clever authorities i was ordered removed from USA Jan 2009 still i do not have the base accounts that guaranteed wages for me in California nor i have any income from this websites. Those who are employed internationally using my three domains especially dhyanayoga.info are economic offenders. I need to be helped in employment or being of yoga guide masseuse even eros for woman. Otherwise i have to be helped in a marital relation. I have now 95000IDR and 800Rs left. I was not able to login into makemytrip.com from this internet center using windows so there is someone preventing a small refund. I could not reset password for indonesian ecourt for [email protected] it was whereisvisalakshy. WHoever viewing my websites all are suspects if they cannot pay me 108 dollars for my websites. I am exploited to run some corporate like organisation and me left hanging outside USA since Jan 2009 and prevented from getting money and i see continuing intention of disabling my websites i demand no one allowed to enter facebook archive.org i posted many evidences of organisation operated inside. I have no income and prevented from selling a book that almost all social media users can benefit atleast partially once and then money is extorted from me for services.These are my two SBI numbers account 20268675527 20196908279.. Its just a matter of someone messaging some one in India to deposit cash by a payin slip. When i entered citibank or marbank in indonesia account could have been created and my money given. I send my pdf book to some publishers and no response.

I report i still do not have the 13500Rs left in my deceased mothers indian bank account 557120201 i have send emails to [email protected] and copied [email protected] +62.82341733637 and [email protected] +62.81999914777 to save the 100000IDr as i have only 260000IDR and 850Rs left and i have and should be the owner of a property in indonesia as a legit owner and operator and author so authority of my domains. Its a crime this is kept pending to try and defeat me and disable the websites like has happened in 2011 2013 2015 and 2019 and is unacceptible. Cybercrime is crime i am ex sun.com employee and i started owning domain dhyanayoga.info in Mar 2004 and my treasury accounts was not given to me in Mar 2004 and the criminals used some criminals like ayse inan and they made a google company public to prevent me getting my money and be retired yoga guide. I object to this extra smartness of everyone involved getting wages using me without me having either capital or wages. I am staying in Ayu beach inn 2 for 250000IDR rent i have already set whois.icann.org to ayu beach inn when i stayed and paid 1800000 IDR as monthly rent to a keo. Now madayu says he is owner and renting for 250000 IDR a week so i have to get a property deed or money sale of atleast few books. Whoever running organisation using my domains are criminals to me to continue this level of suffering for me. My money cannot be covered up hotel corporates like radisson blu. Me and my mother stayed in Radisson Blu haridwar May 2015 and at that time they should have given me my US treasury account of wages from my website or employment instead they scared her for not paying rent or something and she left and that led to her murder. I object to this crime continued by american banks like citibank jpmorgan chase and wellsfargo and using an Indian govt to continue this crime. I entered permatabank with the help of baggner Tinas bistro indian restaurent. and christianty was not not present they say bank is open only on Tuesday. Alamat: Jl. Kediri No.8, Tuban, Kuta, Kabupaten Badung, Bali 80361 This is baggners number +62.82266666144 eat indian food with him and help him to get a few book sales and money into my SBI bank account 20196902879 .. I should be having a property deed or money. Otherwise it is open crime. I am trillion times sure 8.3 million could have been paid to me in 2015. Instead they build more radisson blus and scared my mother to leave because a spammer extorted 55000Rs from me. My first book was available online and i was still the same ex sun.com employee with a wages and US social security record. i value the base treasury account to be one million dollars that has to be given wherever i am as username password.. This crime cannot continue to prevent me being sexual with woman and flowering sexually having children or just enjoying my sexual eros nature that is youth to me. The criminals want me stuck in india forever sad about my mother who they killed and get 20000Rs a month pension as if i am old and diaabled. I order the merciless execution of authorities behind this especially cunning cockroach class allopathy psychiatrists accountants lawyers and some transgenders and their helpers or whoever. Baggner has to be helped to buy atleast one book from me by visiting him and eating with him. I have no interest in ever entering india or relating to anyone in india. Baggner is an indonesian cooking indian food. RUnning a show is not acceptible practice. I have to be at peace till tuesday or monday when the banks open. I contacted Rupa she picked up but lakshmi SBI did not pick up someone knows who are all in my whatsapp list also i cannot beused to sustain the lives of those like rohini and child as i have never related to them and is offensive to show their look alikes as well and this is open crime continued by criminals like sridhar and its criminal sons and balan and the criminals in chepilamuri that held my mother hostage exploited me to run a durga temple. I have no interest in relation to any cousins or their children knowing their news, i want to be with woman in relation or in a community and have money also. The criminals would keep on showing different woman and buy more time to defeat me. My whois.icann.org is still pointing to jepu segera. Baggner gave me two numbers and through him i have already informed four about my book but i am not getting even price of one.Today no one picked up call except Rupa Indian bank +919446003803 but Lakshmi who replaced Vineetha did not pick up. Its a matter of Lakshmi as SBI employee knowing my situation walking up to the properties in which i was forced to stay against my wishes and enforcing all my furniture etc are sold. I have a shelf of books. There is no intention to help me and my report of mothers murder is ignored. There was some yogabody types in permata bank to portray me as wealthy and it has happened last 16 years and i object to the criminal opportunist deceptive frivolous nature of yoga practitioners and travellers. I was given a chocolate cake by a sexy indonesian. But they have to know the situation and solve it. I have set whois.icann.org to kempu house also. I still do not have my certificate and belongings. I object to not being adviced about permatabank on entry and i would have avoided my trip to citibank that cost me 100000IDR. Some criminal charged me 1500000IDR for a one kilometer taxi ride from airport to Radiant hotel and spa. I still do not have refund from scoot airlines and its a crime indonesian immigration took 3000000IDr fine also and me having no income. United states Immigration authorities need to be mercilessly executed for not letting me lead a life outside of USA or inside of USA. Trump is cockroach class to build walls when i had no income past Oct 2002. Its a crime yogaworks.com and all yoga alliance class made me expend more than 30000 dollars and they would not even buy a few books. I object to whoever employed as yoga instructors using my domains when i do not have any income.I am in international zone and everything has to be connected. Madayu has to know i have no income from my domains or property deed and no one has invited me to their homes to live as a guest even for a few days. Its a crime that i am not with a woman right now. All that massaged me to orgasm including DIA +919159458923 I have no clue why DIA is a shorted version of anjana duff and why she has only an Indian number and i have to maintain Indian number to make paypal payments and makemytrip.com payments. My mother was murdered and the allopathy doctors and criminals like sridhar balan has to be stopped executed. My mother got killed by excessive allopathy drugs malnutrition and oxygen toxification and no one showed up to help me help her out of her hell.. I think she is stuck in some old body. should know about the situation and solve this. I have a VISA card thats the modern VISA. Its a crime some banks keep my money and i have to get VISA stamps as if i am a crocodile in Bali living with monkeys Telepon: 0822-7755-4944

I report i do not have a property deed in indonesia that i can sell using online services or manage it or income and just some offensive running an organisation without selling my book. I have no idea why eastwestbooks.org cannot print my book and sell it. I am again reporting with trillion times certainty that i do not need anyones license to sell my books nor anyone need anyones permission to give me money whoever preventing or preventing that need to be executed as it lead to the murder of my mother. The Yoga alliance class schools has extorted money from me without ever satisfying me in sexual coitus or even a massage orgasm and is an offense to me criminal repulsive thieves trying to make me into a transgender.. I do not want anyone who has orgamsed me live with a man unless i am with a woman who can father a child i am in indonesia ex sun.com employee and this is an international location and not malampuzha dam area. I just sense a clever organisation of thieves used by a criminal ring buying more time to defeat me and has already harmed and me and killed my mother. I should have been given my treasury accounts in USA when i reentered USA Mar 2004 and the criminals created some permanent account number in India to prevent it. I do not owe a single cent to sindhu or amy or any woman unless they father a child for me unless there is excess of money yet i was compassionate to give sindhu 800000Rs and its a crime i do not have her whatsapp number to inform i do not have cash and i am victim of multiple attacks. I object to this crime by abusing concepts of govenment continuing. All it takes is to someone write a payin slip and deposit money into my account by buying a book.These are the numbers of persons i was forced to interact with because they held my mother hostage i had Created enough wealth to take her to california but it was prevented by organised effort. This is shankaravarma to me a miser to have attacked me because of me having me having a mother son quarell in Jan 2010 and allowed some cockroach class allopath psychiatrists to attack me and those need to be executed. He is a miser not to buy even a copy of my book +919446511454 He picked up the call and stopped picking up..This is sharat +918281386104 who answered me once and not helping me either..This is sasikumartvm another miser to me who would not help me as my mothers friend by buying a book +919846748775 he is getting pension and i am not.. all kerala pensioners and indian pensioners and usa pensioners source should be investigated.This is mohandas another criminal miser +91 9539389595 who is not even returning 25000Rs borrowed from my mother or buying a book his sister is a suspect that build a gate into gayathri akathethara and did not even treat her like a guest even once. And the criminals married their daughters exploiting me as well.This is number of another suspect miser +91 96452 14624 who attacked me in chepilamuri and married to a woman 16 years younger than me and the criminal organisation is showing their daughter look alike. I do not owe a single cent to them and rohini is suspect employed by my mothers pension treasury account. They would not sell my belongings kept. I have no need or interest in ever seeing anyone from akathethara because of the way they have treated me. I have never had even one massage orgasm in palakkad or sexual coitus in palakkad and the repulsive palakkad raj konikkalidam all kinds of organisations claiming eldest member of some surname can control others money or something. I have no idea why i should be in posession of a passport with address gayathri akathethara palakkad. I have no interest in ever entering akathethara in my life.

I am victim of cybercrime

I am again reporting i need a financial solution i am 51 i have never lived four seasons with a woman or a community i can enjoy sexual coitus and eros and is an open crime that led to murder of my mother and using the fact that i am single not in a live in relation my money is not given and stolen by many smart thieves and criminals i have proved to a Dia here that i can orgasm easily three times a week even if i smoke tobacco. I am now in Ayu beach inn2 and i need a property deed given to me so i do not have to pay rent and manage it or i need all my money given to me in permata bank here. I have now 1200Rs and 470000 IDR and i have not recieved 1600000IDR from scoot airlines or recieved 3000000iDR back from Indonesian immigration i swear i have no income past Oct 2002 whoever increased their capital and employed many and gave them wages using my domains and my cash and my mothers cash are openly criminal to me. I went to Oke Oke japanese restaurent and there is a pilates studio with exorbitant fees and i sense many have money and i am the fool cheated. I find many indonesian chinese Thai japanese korean erotic now and i can easily take them to bed if i have money. My one night relations probably are controlled by male pimps and i want it ended. I need to be helped by woman with money if the cirminals in the USA and international yoga pilates community cannot be charged and defeated for economic offensive practices. The criminals in agamayoga.com in 2000 to 2002 made me leave sun.com and did not marry me or connect me with a woman in 2003 or 2004 and that led to all this and now i have different eros inclinations. I am straight heterosexual who would enjoy Thai massages and SPAS and sexual coitus given even a 30000 dollar a year income which i did not have last 16 years. This is open crime and it can be solved tomorrow if there is ethics many criminals who i have no connection with employed and stealing my money using some identity documents with expired address. I have no need or ever want to enter India and i am forced to contact them because of money not delivered to me or a woman with means and wealth independent marrying me. This is open cruelty inflicted on me. No one is buying even few of my combined book for 108 dollars either. I have emailed east west book store to print it and keep it it is a crime to have raised money using my websites and use it for politics and employ many. I do not have the money that Creatrd the US social security statement thats the base capital either. SOme woman in bali should marry me and help me using their money or enforce i get the money to be independent. This is the number of the woman that kept my mother hostage married to a criminal that killed my mother using allopath doctors. +91.8281172911 i have whatsapped her to sell few furniture and books i have and deposit whatever cash they can into my SBI account and it has to be enforced. I am in Bali i object to a show continuing i demand those running the show end it pay me 108 dollars for my book as individuals ot groups and prevent my money being stolen and used by service providers. I am drinkin floridina juice because its available for 3000IDr if it is not i would buy orange and squeeze and theres no need to grow a new orchard. I am victim of open theft of money by many criminal smart. I do not have money to buy even a towel and sandals now and an extra pair of pants. Those plotting to defeat me should me mercilessly executed as they kiiled my mother. I am an international multinational Bali bangkok chiangmai are international locations and everything available in california is available in all these places also. Its criminal i am recieving emails from [email protected] with their advertisement the criminals did not even make a phone call to me after my mother got murdered nor amy or any of eros woman bay area. I have no contact with any cousins or relatives by birth in palakkad also. VK shankaravarma and a sharat picked up phone once and a kannan also. I have never related to anyone in India other than my mother and she is no more and i have to relate to woman i can be sexual with and move on. I dont have money now to use the pilates studio near Oke Oke develop muscles for yoganidrasana or fly to Thailand be in chiangmai or bangkok with a pension either. So i report with anger that i am openly exploited made to work to increase money in others pocket.No one is giving me free accomodation or food either.

Some one has modified my .odt file and images were missing and yesterday the [email protected] account had only three images. So i restored it. I am again with only 5500Rs i paid 1150Rs to continue hosting. I need a solution on monday. Yesterday someone tried to pick up a fight with me in Diwas cafe said words like fuck off , ass hole.. again i suspect the images of me in yoga wear got removed by deliberate intention. I could do all the yoga poses in my book without warmup in 2017 and then the criminals in hemambika nagar police and criminals in chepilamuri like balan and the criminal organisation attacked me and drugged and harmed me in cockroach class allopathy hospital and in begining of 2018 i could not even put my Tshirt. This is many criminals exploiting me for their survival and killed my mother. The yoga stars i encountered atleast one of them should be drugged and their diet changed so they could not py tshirt on their on own. Whoever running the organisation keeping my money and trying to arrange woman using my money are criminals. As an adult i would have found woman to be with and travel around or i would have been comfortable alone. Instead i am still leading a poorer life than i should have lived

I have filled in form to get money left in my deceased my mothers bank account to [email protected] from [email protected] I want to make sure they recieve it process it today and pay me the money to my SBI bank account. I copied it to [email protected] and it has bounced.

I repeat with vehemence and anger and repulsion that i have no income past Oct 2002 and the money i am expending as a customer i have expended as a customer is what my poor mother murdered mother had in her bank around 410000Rs and i have only now 6700Rs.. i demand merciless execution of the deceptive cunning organisation run using my domains who destroyed my home base in california murdered my mother and trying to murder me. criminals cousins mohandas and shylesh that borrowed 25000Rs and 175000Rs are not returing it whoever employed in indonesia and worldwide are criminals to me giving me no income. I am not with a woman either now. The thieves are buying more time to defeat me disable my websites. The criminals thieves since Mar 2004 did not give me my personal wealth as treasury account in 2004 i assume somewhere around 500000 dollars or more and used me to make google public in 2004 and after i opened krungthai bank account in 2012 the thieves made facebook public using me many .com operated and they did not pay me a single cent. I am saying those who earned wages using my domains are thieves to me who did not give me even a 24000 dollar a year income. This is open crime continuing. i was resting in my room and i observed a tweet that i am paying 256000 IDR a week did not go through. this is many smart yoga instructors and many representatives employed. archive.org not showing my archives is cover up that i own some properties whose whois.icann.org have been set to that address. This is open crime. I do not need services of google facebook twitter yahoo.com hotmail.com but i have used all that and i am not able to delete them and use only my domain for emails. Ijust needed only dhyanayoga.info the criminals forced me to surrender my US PR status in April 8 2008 instead of employing me in yogaworks.com olt.org or harbin.org and its extortion the yoga alliance schools have done to me. No one has purchased my book for even 108 dollars and whoever running an organisation is trying to kill me. My mothers curse would be to the services that took her cash. I really did not need to depend on my mother and whoever behind this crime need to be exposed executed. Indians have killed my mother and would kill me too using shameless thieves like sridhar balan that bharat has built a gate into gayathri in 1999. I was forced to look after a girl woman who can never satisfy me in sexual coitus it was just a matter of few hand orgasms that i should have interacted with sindhu using that short woman this crime has been continued even continuing. The criminal ramachandran must have called in 1999 or some time and objected to me having woman and the thieves must have promoted his relatives and many potential spouses and companies like starbucks.com facebook.com. I need a solution and i want criminals from stopped watching my website and being employed

I have requested eastwestbook to print my book and sell it and give me 108 dollars each. I have not recieved even price of one book sale. I object to an old man Deepak chopra being able to sell books in eastwest and host events and me an young man isolated and not even have one hardbook printed and shown in libraries book store. Again i have completed my book i forgot to mention peanut butter and there is no need and i demand my book to be printed and kept in book stores and libraries and me offered a solution.

I order execution of whoever employed by my domains especially those like immigration police and goverment authorites as their fraud and crime led to murder of my mother and my continuing isolation and poverty. Using words like laws my money is stolen since Mar 2004 and i demand merciless execution of the organisation of thieves that should have allowed me to get the US treasury account A055603815 in Mar 2004 and settle down in MountainView california instead i had to stay without a woman or sexual release and harmed by criminals in avalonyoga.com. I would have wanted to own Stierlin Apartments i stayed and manage it and continue my life in 2004. I order yoga stars like sharat rangaswamy kino macgergor tara stiles etc not allowed to teach or harm them so i get a solution as their lack of ethics led to murder of my mother. agamayoga is a serious suspect as they are not really professional yoga school but catering to relaxed tourists partying and i am trillion times sure they have taken my money to organised Yoga TTC in 2005 as if they were independent they would have organised Yoga TTCs in 2003 or 2004. Lucas rockwood sara avant stover jodie rufty anjana duff are three serious suspects that recieved free money because i publish these domains and killed my mother. they and many like them cannot be allowed to exist in USA or have any income unless i have a solution. Like i mentioned i have only 6700Rs and 300000idr with me and nothing else. ALl money i expended is what my poor dead mother left. Its possible this organisation of thieves calling my domains visalakshys domain and stealing employing many and that crime has led to her murder and my current situation. This website is not a family organisation trust company. This is my personal domain and i am a self employed yoga guide cheated harmed last 16 years.

I shifted to Ayu Beach inn 2 yesterday to room 6. The water pipe was not working and only the toilet flush and cleaner side pipe worked and i had to shower using it. Today morning after i returned i found the side pipe also not working and i shifted room. Again i set my whois.icann.org in bluehost.com registrant contact of dhyanayoga.info to jepu segera and also Agus beach inn. Despite i had to leave those premises because of not having money to pay rent. Look alike of Katy perry of first masseuse that hand orgasmed me in sukumvit bangkok where i landed in 2005 was present in jepu segera. I now exited AYu beach inn 2 and walked towards this internet center and turned left on Jennifer massage center and another woman who i noticed near jepun segera intersected me there and its impossible without organised effort. So i am trillion times certain there are properties in indonesia owned by dhyanayoga.info explodingmoon.org pradeepkumarxplorer.com or in my name Pradeep Kumar Xplorer. I have set the whois.icann.org of my domains to many properties including Radisson Blu haridwar where i was present with my mother May 2015 expecting a 8.3 million dollar ATM but instead my mother dissappeared and i was threatened by look alike of Yancy Bhakta and then i had to sleep in streets of connaught place and threatened by Sridhar and sleep in the backdrop hardrock mountain in akathethara known as kumbachi mala dhoni mala in the rain and with no protection. I entered prashanths home and he did not show me my mother. Then they harmed me by detaining me in bethsada for five months until my websites went down for nonpayment of hosting fees. I have set whois.icann.org even in this trip to Green Guest House Khaosan road, Lucky Guest House and Miami Hotel Bangkok and TopNorth Guest House chiangmai etc. No one informed me if property is owned by me or as an organisation. I have never authorised the operation of an organisation using my domains. But the fact is that even if i dont have a website criminals could operate an organisation using just emails in this case [email protected] and [email protected] If anyone is employed in properties i stayed thats theft of my money and that resulted in the murder of my mother like a clogged sewage pipe. I even set whois.icann.org of my domains to the criminal room in sai-hospital.com where my mother was murdered i did not have cash or help from frends to discharge her and i had to see her slowly killed by allopathy drugs and oxygen toxification. I need to know the actuals today as i have no income. No one is picking up my calls other than a madayu. I want some woman viewing my website to contact me by phone not for frivolous talk but to end this crime and help me by calling +62.85792610217. Given money i do not need website or frivolous tools like facebook or twitter to become frends with woman and have sexual relation have sexual coitus with them or have a live in relation with them. Its important for me to know if theres an organisation using my domains and if it is owning property and employing many. The woman in Agus beach inn is a look alike of Huey yung lee ex trusted solaris. If jepen segura is owned by the organisation or by me or can be owned by the organisation or by me i need to know for a solution. Again if Radisson Blu haridwar was owned by me in 2015 when i set whois.icann.org to that address they should have either given me an ATM or given me a position and not let my mother leave leading to her murder. I have even set whois.icann.org to harbin.org and some properties in kathmandhu i stayed as well. I have set it to many properties in coimbatore as well. I need to know if i can collaborate with any resort that can be promoted by my domains and me given a payment accomodation. Otherwise the organisation of thieves has raised enough cash and killed my mother and want to kill me too and all employed by my domains need to be executed as they have no ethics and are criminals.

I had to shift to Ayu beach inn 2 and pay 250000 IDR a week rent. I do not have any property deed in Indonesia. I would want to own a property like Jepun segera or Agus Beach Inn and be here and manage it and take wages from it. I am upset by this opportunist crime continuing. There is not even one that has helped me by purchasing my book and pay 108 dollars, i have no income and i have only 6700Rs and 300000IDr left. Whoever recieved income from my domains in any way are criminals to me that led to the cruel murder of my mother like a clogged sewage pipe. I have to pay for hosting account after three days thats 1150Rs. I called many numbers using whatsapp in morning and no one is picking up. Someone madayu rented room and he looks like ramachandrans son chandhus lookalike, ramachandran is another clever that lived opposite to gayathri and partnered with bharat to build the gate and would act like my wellwishers or the criminals managing my money in USA would show look alikes of them to me, some girls i met in Bangkok are look alikes related to them. I really need someone deposit cash into my SBI account . I do not want to ever enter India. I have to be here in Indonesia or Thailand or California. My mother was the only reason i existed in India. Its a crime i do not have my US treasury account. My A number A055603815 looks like my US treasury account number that guaranteed wages to me from 1994 to 2002 as H1B VISA holder and i suspect all account information had to be given to me when i recieved the US Immigration status. I do not have the money i paid to US Social security as well. PLease solve this ASAP. Its a crime for those who trying to defeat me and demanding i work and support others to view this website. If this is run as a corporate then i had to be paid wasges as a corporate member and that has not happened last 16 years

I exited yesterdaay at 1230 afteenoon to eat lunch. A man dana asked whether checkout i said i will decide at 1300 and when i came back i showed makemytrip.com reservation for 588inr but he said he needed cash they did not visa pos so i asked for bank account number where i can pay by voucher and they agred for today 1000am and i rested in room and exited to eat but a wayan agus emergee from saloon started verbally attacking me for the key. its a suspect to me aa i have already paid 200000idr. wayan agus rudely claimed to be owner of agus beach inn. it was marketed to me by makemytrip.com for price 462 rs with tax 588rs and i set whois.icann.org of dhyanayoga.info to 106 agus beach inn.. i did not stay with a woman .. i am definite many criminals in indonesia.. i have to leave and find another place jepun segera but i lost another 100000idr i am saying i have no income no ownership of properry no one buying my book for 108 dollars if i own a property or time shared room i just have to pay utility bill. i suspect ann mubaroki who purchased dhyanayoga.info in 2016 from expireddomains.net knowing something

I am in Agus beach inn Bali indonesia room 106 last two days paid 200000idr resting because of ac and vibration s

I have not entered kempu house its offensive for them to change lock .. my degree certificate and few piece of clothing in it. Its an opportunist organisation covering up crime last 16 years my tweets reported lose lock but why those viewing my tweets are not contacting me by phone

Watch a video i created for MEOWA the universal self exploration technique that any word using language speaking in this planet or universe can use

This is Jul 30 2020 i am updating i am in Bali Indonesia and i was comfortable staying in Kempu House Room 212 i am editing my books in the computer center, i took a break want to finish it tomorrow or in the evening someone has changed the lock. Its a crime i have no income and i have to pay for rent and food its not community lev.money economy here. I have no access to any bank accounts other than an SBI bank account and no money has been deposited into it.. WHoeever running an organisation using my websites and increasing their capital or taking subscribers help or being employed by my domain or using me as authorities are economic offender thieves as they have not enforced any payment to me past Oct 2002 and my mother died of pain and poverty because of this crime and even now the crime is continuing.

because of Fraud and crime by US and Indian Travel authorities Bank accountants and cybercrime or the criminals getting paid as cybercrime investigators and police and immigration authorities employed last decade or more i am stuck with a identity document with an expired address which my mother sold or was forced to sell to neighbour cousin and husband who unlawfully built a gate into the house and i was attacked there. What i am saying is i have access to only one bank account and whoever keeping expending my money as my community treasurers governors managers family are criminals. This is the only money i have expended last six monthsExpenditure last six months i need to money to be given here deposited as you can see i am leading not a even a 50000 dollar a year life.

I again state since Mar 2004 i was the only author editor of my websites domains and my postings and book are not result or collaborative work. I have no idea why these viewers cannot be kind and subscribe and help I have no idea who these viewers are why they cannot subscribe and help.

The viewers are interfaced by some organisation or viewers are employed which is crime to me that led to my mothers murder in pain and poverty like a clogged sewage pipe. As written in book all english speaking can use my book. I did not register dhyanayoga.info past 2010 and it was not available for registration and then i registered again in Feb 2013. AT that time easily 5 million US dollars could have been given to me continue run the organisation. I am suspecting all payments to me are being stolen and many world wide employed which is crime they have to be accused of murdering my mother and making me suffer and live in poverty. Easily 8.3 million dollars could have been given when me and my mother stayed in Radisson blu haridwar May 2015 instead she vanished and now she is killed and my websites mutilated and my yoga body repeatdely injured

Despite pointing my whois.icann.org to 212 Kempu House i recieved no money or money order or western union MTCN to my phone +62.85792610217.

I arrived in Bali on from Bangkok Feb 18th. My mother got murdered Jan 12 2020 and Jan 13 2020 i had to leave palakkad and reached bangalore. A show continued in Bangalore railway station. There was a group of yoga travellers acting as if they dont know me and i talked to a look alike of anjana duff who said her name was Sara.WHy such cannot email me and copy [email protected] I comforted myself in Mysore few days and then took a flight to thailand. My mother left about 410000Rs after her death and out of which i have only 26000Rs. I have no income from these websites this is theft of my money 16th year of deception crime and cruelty to me. From bangkok because of again VISA restrictions of not getting Thai national status to travel i had to exit to Indonesia. My identity documents are misrepesentation. I am a US citizen by work the criminals in US DHS they are racist criminals that prevented me getting my money Mar 2004 when i registered dhyanayoga.info Mar 2004. If there is no money then i should have been given 20000 dollars a year to be with naturtsi yoga community and i would not have exited USA to explore Thailand. I am now typing this letter from [email protected] I added my address yesterday and someone has removed it. My mother sold gayathri akathethara to suspect bharat that build gate into gayathri in 1999 to exploit me. I have no family in India and i had no emotional connection with anyone other than my mother. Even now my passport has address gayathri akathethara palakkad which is a suspicion that criminals are stealing money using that address and stealing all my money as employee. I arrived in Indonesia to open a citibank account but they demand kitas. WHoever employed in bluehost.com altered index.php need to be executed. There are thousands like them waiting for my cash to run out. If i am really wealthy and i can only be in Bangkok or California then i need to be escroted by a woman who can be sexual with me as well in few days. Then using that base address i would explore.I have no children or wives with me because of my poverty and is a crime to me. I demand the authorities employed by my website and calling me an Indian citizen with address gayathri akathethara palakkad and called an Indian national executed without mercy. I do not have the happiness and comfort of a teenager in California or Bangkok with money.I am tense now i had to walk from kempu house to report that someone has altered index. in bluehost.com thats in Utah United STates. if i call Utah police then the thieves would employ another Utah cyberinvestigator and all of them want me dead and they HAVE KILLED MY MOTHER.

> There are my viewers list but they are not sending me email or communicating me using email whatsapp or facebook or directly and say they are viewing my website and subscribing and helping and i suspect some of them are employed since Mar 2004 and is a serious crime that resulted in murder of my mother

This is whatsapp number of someone in USA willing to help me I want only wellwishers to contact him and help me get the money to lead my life and solve this cybercrime +14053107659

I am in indonesia kuta bali staying in kempu house. This is my address Taman Ayu II Bungalow Jl Benesari Poppies II No 55 Kuta Bali Indonesia . I have only 26000rs now. Because of cybercrime that led to murder of my mother i have no income past oct 2002 and i invested all my savings to create this unique yoga guidance as an individual but i have no income after my savings ran out the usdhs prevented me getting my money or being employed in usa to coverup theft. Please patronize kempu guest house as i have to get money now i am staying discounted rent. I ended up with only one bank account in india and passport with expired indian address. whoever stealing keeping my money or running company using my website need to be exposed executed money returned. I am living below poverty levels past dec 2011 and my mother got murdered because of my poverty and nothing else

US Social statement

This is computation i did i am worth about 200000 dollar cash the organisation cannot operate until i am given this

Reply to RBI

If anyone in India or USA has stolen this money it is a theft of 160000 dollars at 5 percent of US Social payment. SO if in 1994 if i paid 4000 dollars to US Social security to me it is my money and i should get 4000 dollars at 5 percent compunded annually for 16 years. If i invest 160000 dollars in a fixed deposit at 5 percent i would get 666 dollars a month or 8000 dollars a year. Its better than having no income and a pension of 666 dollars that i can use to stay in a place like Kuta Bali as retired. My name is still in corporate accounts and used to give me services and is a crime. I needed subscribers help or Options settlement from the WWW corporate or this 160000 dollars immediately. I object to yogaworks.com and yogaalliance allowed to operate as they should have recognised and paid me instead of me being attacked by criminals like Sridhar sanjay menon rajeev menon and some psychiatrists. This is a crime by all authorities. I was today prevented from using Warnet Internet center.

Please contact https://www.facebook.com/sindhu.varma.773 i paid her 800000rs Aug 2003 and i need some cash back. SHe had to be employed by citibank India operations or LeelaVilas Akathethara and her fathers property in cochin sold. I heled her for seven years and 800000Rs. This domains is being used to employ many. The criminals in archive.org is not showing my archives or allowing me to take snapshots. I cannot prove i was in Bali since Feb 18th using my website snapshots. I object to having to pay cash since Oct 2002 without having any income expect the meagre pension of my mother and she died in pain and poverty

if you are a viewer of my website its mandatory you subscribe to [email protected] You have to go to framalistes.org search for connect and send email to me at [email protected] and copy [email protected] and ensure delivery contact [email protected] and pay me some money as subscription in 20196908279 sbi indian rupee account

The uniformed thieves and pretentious lawyers courts have deleted the dhyanayoga.info framalistes.org archives and still have not paid me. So i created [email protected] if you are a viewer its mandatory you go to framalistes.org search for connect and subscribe your email

These are the archives of my website i saved i los5 2015 to 2020 may be 500 to 1000 poems

See evidence of my email to americal civil rights

The emails that are xxxxed are [email protected] [email protected]

My websites pradeepkumarxplorer.com dhyanayoga.info explodingmoon.org for last 16 years has been cleverly seen as my mothers website and her intellectual property and many criminals employed that led to her death. Its without her permission she was exploited. Whoever employed by my websites even if it is the US president are thieves and has to be humiliated as thieves

There was a certain amount of money that had to be paid as Options settelement by the WWW corporate sofwtare industry and banks when i registered dhyanayoga.info Mar 2004. I am saying the trillion dollar corporate in 2004 helped those who viewed my website and service providers. If someone from village in Africa viewed my websites they would have promoted him if someone watched my tweets having ichithan ice tea they would give them all this kind of economics was used to make one trillion into a ten trillion economy using my websites without paying me even a cent and even now the offensive practices continues and is a crime. My mother died of poverty and i do not have a woman or a child because of poverty and this crime need to be ended this second.The criminals build radisson blus when i used Radisson Green for eating breakfast in Khajuraho in 2008 after the criminal Fabregas romeo harassed me into submitting my Permanent resident status by threatening to detain me. I have been isolated even now isolated. I cannot call the two Three thai woman i had sexual coitus with or the woman i had sexual coitus with the so called thief caucasians into yoga butt crunching prevents it> i dont have to master splits or scoprio without a wall to be in a sexual relation with a woman. This is many years of foxy clever cunningness of many like amy starkey. If amy starkey was ethical she would have solved this long time ago.I have just 800 dollars and my money is stone and i have reported to everyone that can use internet using my website i have no clue why the theft and crime is not stopped and ATMs issued in my name given to me or ATMs issued to me and given to me

freelists.org did not approve my emailing list request send from [email protected] and my other emails to connect viewers of my website. I register author this website since Mar 2004 at that time it was through yahoo domains and only WWW free service i use was hotmail.com and yahoo.com. I am trillion times certain at that time i had to be paid a certain amount of money to be retired and live in MountainView California where i rented in Stierlin Road apartments. It has been prevented by criminal managers of my money who exploited my self employed activity as well. I am trillion times certain facebook.com is a company that used my money to build its operation as my service provider. I am saying if i list a freelists.org emailing list thats sufficient to delete facebook.com as it is a illegal operation that stole my money. I am sure even if i list freelists.org no one would subscribe as each and every that has viewed my website has been misinformed about me. My website is Unique and has Unique intellectual property value and 5000 poems has been destroyed. But with just the book and latest poem someone healthy intelligent can follow it. Its different from any schools of yoga avaiable in this planet and evolved because of my fusion lifestyle.My mother got killed and murdered by criminals in akathethara who held her hostage and they are bribed by the thieves. I could have easily taken my mother from akathethara to kathmandu or pokhara or indonesia or thailand or california January 2012 but the criminals in akathethara and international thieves did not let it happen, did not recognise my Unique Intellectual property Yoga guidance and even now claims i am a schizophrenic or disabled and are partners with low class unhealthy allopath doctors. Each year atleast 300 million dollars cash since 2011 has been stolen using my websites and commerce and organisation around it.The thieves stole 65 billion from sun.com in Nov 2007 and using that power killed my mother. I have posted in dance-tech freelists.org archives and the criminals have now blocked me. There is not even one commentation about my poems and its ery clever group of thieves acting like my silent followers behind this crime. I have never even had one sexual coitus within the criminal nation of India and the criminals calls me an Indian national. The last sexual coitus i had is Daisy dream massage bangkok with a 5 feet 8inches Thai woman February 2020. I should have dates like that before marrying.The thieves like lucas rockwood sara avant stover jodie rufty would call it sex tourism and many repulsives would want me not to marry or have sex and be like udit chaithanya so my money can be stolen by criminals like rohini and its daughter.I do not care if all of my cousins and their children and grandchildren die as they are clever that held my mother hostage and killed her like a clogged sewage pipe. I am in indonesia and i need my money given to me here as an International bank account. I arrived in indonesia bali to open a citibank account but the criminals in citibank did not open one and demanded kitas and i applied for kitas as self employed it was not approved. My money is kept by Indians and USA preventing me being in Thailand untili flower sexually and is a crime and intention of my murder. If my money is in indoenesia it has to be given when i authenticate my Unique name using a VISA point of sale machine. The thieves in citibank and USA and India has not removed my former names of Pradeep Kumar Pulappatta and Kavassery Pulappatta Pradeep Kumar Xplorer and its theft of atleast 3 billion dollar cash out of which even 8.3 million given to me while in Radisson blu haridwar May 2015 would have saved my mothers life and reduced my suffering and her suffering for five years before death. The thieves are portraying me as philanthropist wealthy and made me work and stole money from sun.com and subscribers help. The thieves would promote pay viewers of my website calling me someone changing lifestyles not just an ordinary yoga guide.The criminals in akathethara bharat indira [email protected] [email protected] build a gate into gayatri akathethara and comeup with new systems of family.Theres is no joint family system anywhere.Even if i had a biological sister or brother after being adults we do not have to know or relate or help each other. The thief criminal sridhar sarala sanjay rajeev is not selling old pulappatta house and cirminals like VK shankaravarma are partners to this crime. TI never related to them. The criminals in yogalliance class woman did not satisfy me in sexual coitus and this is the reason i could not take my mother with me to MountainView in 2004 March.This is organised crime stealing and using my money and to cover up the crime many other situations are Created.This is crime using powerful organised concepts like Justice departments in India and USA and presidents offices etc. They are just thieves to me

This is evidence i posted

if you are a viewer subscribe to [email protected] as i dont have software in bluehost.com to setup mailing list i dont own it but its a way to get connected with each other

Latest Update .. My mothers account in which i am joint account holder has been added. So if money is held in my mothers name it has to be deposited in full or partial here. My two thai massage certificates from WatPo Thaimassage1 Thaimassage2 The twitter link in dance-tech is altered. I do not know who it is but what effect it has. Vineetha is asking for my mothers death certificate. i have emailed akathethara panchayat Vineetha M M Branch Manager Olavakode Town (71093) Palakkad Ph:0491-2556900 Mob:80789 80143 .

Some smart criminals accountants are using my website to support many and they have not paid me a cent. I suspect they are paying the criminals occupying rohinivilla chepilamuri akathethara and pulappatta house and gayathri and alakananda akathethara. They are criminals claiming me to be their family just because of common surname. Its like i Created wealth i like wearing Thai Batik shirts,i have to support everyone wearing Thai Batik shirt.

The criminals have vocabulary of rights privileges needs they would say my needs are met and i dont really need sex.. Then i should not see anyone driving cars or couples or anyone with children. I am saying i am abused exploited and my mother murdered by malnutrition and allopathy drugs

My networth is 850 dollars. I have no control over any assets or business accounts worldwide just a savings account with 850 dollars and i live in a casual world. I pay 3 dollars as every day rent and eat for 5 dollars and i cannot afford support a girl frend and no one with money is partnering with me either.

I have not expended more than 1000 dollars a month last decade.

This is sindhus the short four feet 11 inches woman i had to look after 1991 to 1998 and prameela sasidharan extorted 800000rs from me the evidence is in my tweets twitter.com/ThaiKumar. I paid her as a sister on Aug 3 2003. She is not my sister. She should be informed and some money paid to me in 20196908279.

She has not responded to my facebook messages and has blocked me. I did not owe her 800000rs Aug 3 2003m Its criminals in Usa immigration that prevented her from working in 1998

https://www.facebook.com/sindhu.varma.773 She should be kind enough to give me a few lakhs. If criminal balan and sridhar has stolen it they need to be executed and i be paid full money with interest. I have no family in india my mother was the only family and i was her only family. Whoever claiming as my family in akathethara palakkad and getting paid need to be executed

I paid invested did research and came up with poems every week and Created a Unique course. This is the criminal that extorted 39500rs from me as fees for issuing 8.3 million dollar ATM spammer ibrahim lamorde. Whoever it is resulted in murder of my mother in pain and poverty like a clogged sewage pipe. Please execute this criminal. If someone has recieved 8.3 million dollars it has to be exposed. Evidence of this crime is rishikesh hdfc bank changing location.

HDFC Bank AMK Enterprises Account number 50200007512969 paid 15 may 2015

Around 5000 poems like pradeepkumarxplorer.com/Varuna.html has been destroyed when criminals Sridhar and Sanjay and its RSS ambalavasis attaced me and held me hostage against my wishes in manomithra.com and made my poor mother expend 170000rs for me. I have expressed all this in freelists.org bookshare-discuss you can see archives but now they prevented this message from going through.

After my fathers death she was forced to use name Visalakshy KP by criminals in akathethara she was married to my father PremKumar 1968 and her name is actually Visalam PremKumar. PremKumar was murdered 1975 and now she has been murdered. India is a cruel state and US military pot smoking cowards publishing news and Creating movies of power.

Now the criminals are calling my websites money as hers and after her death and the Kavassery Pulappattas are stealing it with some temples and international connections using tools like facebook internet email The evidence is my mothers account forced to have nomination shylesh kumar KP another smart clever.

I do not have to play with children or support others children i have to be with woman and flower sexually or lead my single life. I am forced to work for others in a capitalist motivated way and exploited in a communist way.

There is still no comment about my book in my facebook page or in the bookshare-discuss i posted recently. This is 8 or more years of violence to me and my mother. I am as competent author as Simon Winchester in my domain but my money is used to nurture many clever. I invested in my research to enjoy subcriber help. Instead i am called a mad man schizophrenic when i am ayuruvata spa yoga fitness class being. I demand the extermination of allopath class doctors and whoever using them to continue this economic offense financial crime.

Narcis tarcau is the tallest man in agamayoga.. that does not mean he is really economically worth.I am saying Narcis tarcau was with a indian woman 5 feet in rishikesh dec 2000 and he was 6 feet 2 inches again i suspect that man had something to do with my problematic relation with sindhu

I am the only heir of visalakshy visalam premkumar visalakshy KP


MY MOTHER GOT KILLED MURDERED IN PAIN AND POVERTY AND I HAVE NO INCOME PAST OCT 2002 AND HAS ONLY 850 DOLLARS i demand a court in indonesia or iccindonesia.org settle this in one week. I do not even have a pension of 500 dollars, no woman well off my class type marrying me either i alege continuing intention to murder me those acting like my wellwishers are also suspects they have stolen my money calling me a disabled and it cannot continue another second

I have posted accused using my facebook account pradeep.xplorer

i have no response a suspect angelynna bresse was in my frendlst and stolen some money and deleted my frendship and called me a disabled i am posting in anjana duffs beyoutifulliving facebook page

I have removed the slide show for now. Its in my saved index.php files. But it is only 20 or 30 poems among 5000 lost

I observed someone has removed singha beer can image and poem about zero attention span from my slide show by editing index.php i again repeat i Pradeep Kumar Xplorer is the only editor author owner of this website and internet accounts. I am without income past Oct 2002. whoever edited my index.php and removed it need to be executed as it is a thief making money by editing my index.php. I have added it back

I have reactivated a dormant facebook account http://facebook.com/pradeep.xplorer and i have a page lugimwidnaus http://facebook.com/lugimwidnaus but i cannot add URL of that page to dhyanayoga.info it says invalid domain and is biggest evidence of the cruel murderous crime exploiting my value of labour without paying me an income continuing and that led to the cruel death of my mother. I have only 4 likes for a universal website that any word using language speaking can use. I would never have used facebook if i was married to a woman in a community in Bayarea in 2004. After registering dhyanayoga.info Mar 2004 my money from citigroup was given to criminal Mark Zuckerberg and then April 8 2008 i was prevented from living in California to try facebook.com and i still dont have a frend that would contact me by phone or email from my viewers list. THis is crime continuing theft of trillions of dollars using many criminal allopaths lawyers police immigration and many employed and it should end by their execution. My first account facebook.com/pdeep was deleted by criminal facebook employees and it had many yoga alliance instructors supported as someone having me a wealthy frend. I was used to steal 65 billion and i still dont have any income but those in facebook frendlist are getting helped facebook and google are criminals based in in Bayarea California not allowing alternate erotica or nudism in its content thats a crime twitter allows. Those who have never tried alternate erotica or nudism are trying to execute me outside of USA using many yoga groups that would not allow BDSM lifestyle. I am not a BDSM lifestyler, i am used to fight with them and my money is stolen because i played with bdsm woman i have a lesfaeces anus because of that

I.My icann.org whois of dhyanayoga.info now points to Kuta Majesty Hotel and is hidden by the criminals in icann.org.

see my tweets My Tweets

i have this new number .. please contact me by phone +62.85792610217 .. please send me money by western union mtcn..the criminals in india would not allow indians to send western union money outside also. thats another evidence of india and indian govt and economic zone used to continue this crime. you cannot keep my money in usa or india or anywhere ..i demand contact from independent and their help end economic offense using my three domains dhyanayoga.info i am registrant since mar 2004 explodingmoon.org i am registrant since may 2008 pradeepkumarxplorer.com i am registrant since nov 2013

i want it enforced money borrowed my shylesh kumar kp 175000rs is returned and money borrowed by mohandas +91.9539389595 25000rs returned to my sbi account. i cannot type dhyanayoga.info or pradeepkumarxplorer.com explodingmoon.org in facebook news feed. thats evidence facebook company partner to this crime. i am willing to be married to thai or americAn in ltr for a solution.i dont appreciate this economic offense continuing.

I have met a casey and someone else from south dakota while in Thailand and informed of them of my situation. I sat and smoked with them. Thats in the street where there was a buffet Breakfast for 159 baht.. I request the attention of Ex tsol and ex sun.com employees in california like scott rotondo glenn faden lokanath das etc. I have no clue who is being employed by my domains why i cannot a business partner or a marriage partner. I have married many Thai woman . I am a heterosexual and like a US and Thai national.Please inform all the darlin turkish spa woman soi 12 i have had sexual coitus with that i have been harmed in India and my mother killed as i suspect the offensive conservatives closed them and have harmed me already. I object to having to pay for visa and overstay in Thailand where i have enjoyed sexual coitus with many thai woman in Darlin turkish spa in soi 12 and nette nongnuch and Naree wongkham in chiangmai. I have not had sexual coitus since 2014 because of being stuck in India with an old mother who i could not rescue. I would get killed by the thieves if i have to return to India.

makemytrip.com does not take international numbers i reported to a tall korean woman in starbuckschiangmai.i

i need to get an email from woman who can help me as a partner or sponsors employers to [email protected]

watch this video of four that ate in front of me . I am updating 9 April 2020 i do not get personal phone calls or emails and isolated by a clever criminal group of thieves whohave murdered my mother

these travellers can help me end cybercrime by emailing me to [email protected] as you can see i dont really need youtube or facebook u can see the quality difference of this video in my youtube channel

This is receipt of payment made for lost certificates of thai massage and oil massage course i did in 2005/2006. I am not able to enter Thailand and collect the certificates. WatPo can offer me employment as a researcher. APril 9 2020

i was manipulated into doing a yoga ttc by yoga alliance schools who i suspect to partner with the theft of 65 billion dollars in nov 2007 from sun.com. i expended 10000 dollars in july 2007 doing yoga ttc with yogaworks i was signed in by carmen fitzgibbon but a suspect jodie rufty graux was the teacher.it was a low class yoga ttc equivalent to taking 28 3 hour yoga classes instead of marrying me to a woman the criminals put me in a class with transgenders and i demand yogaworks pay me 80000 dollars or employ me immediately. they have used the 65 billion dollars and employed jodie rufty and many. they are criminals that led to my mothers painful death prevented me being employed or recieving money. i have no interest in india or hindu temples or cults like amritanandamayi.i need a certificate from yogaworks without jodie rufties name or they should offer me a yoga ttc with a suitable woman partner for free. its criminal that criminals like jodie rufty and sara stover has their books published and selling in amazon while my lugimwidnaus book i finished authoring in 2011 is not published. i request the help of international travellers in thailand and kingdom of thailand to end this economic offense so i can start living in thailand or california

I have enjoyed eros with these in california 1997 2004 as ardhanareeswar half man half woman.if any of these are interested in me and preventing a solution it is not acceptible they have to be open about it and fast and help me back to california or be with me in thailand.


Shylesh kumar kp has borrowed some money from my mother visalakshy kp. He should be requested to deposit in my account and should be kind enough to do it as i need the funds

I am uploading youtube files as pradeep kumar xplorer but some of it is blurred and some images i upload are rotated. they are evidences of an organisation being employed which is theft to me.i have recieved no subscriber help and i am unemployed and was forced to depend on a mother who made 40000rs or 16000 baht or 530 us dollars a month who has never used an ATM or internet browser in her life who i could not save from india and she died in pain and poverty.this cybercrime is continuing for 16 years

i am in pain because of my mother prevented being helped by me and slowly executed. i myself has been harmed. i have no need to exist or return to india. amy is being prevented to help. i requested help from thailand yoga traveller backpacking community and those like drew westergreen expedite a resolution but no one showed up January first week so i could have discharged her and taken her in a wheel chair. i enjoy good services but thats not enough. i have been harmed and would be harmed again if i am not helped. the organised activity using my websites has resulted in my mothers death. it would result in my death also if those given the privilege of power is not stopped and held accountable. the hospital took in my mother who was alive and gave me a corpse after 12 days and 80000rs expense.it was difficult for me to handle her on my own because of her immobility and body weight. she would be alive if before falling down she was allowed to shift to kaliappa hotel or similar place i could have healed her. if amy is in india she should visit me, Amy has not visited me or even send me an email or called me Update April 9 2020 These are the new age communities i have been to.Valley View Hotsprings, Harbin hotsprings, Yogasource and avalon yoga studio, Brietenbush hotsprings,yogaworks,agamayoga starbucks,i request these communities kindness to solve the situation. I need patronage or employment and life in a community, i can enter a marital relation as well. I have done Everest base camp and Annapurna trek and have lived in Thailand and Nepal, In thailand in bangkok and chiangmai.Sue soffe is another woman i met one evening in harbin and should be informed.I suspect now those like Sue soffe used to prevent me getting any solution Update April 9 2020 The others i am emailing Bayarea EROS community. I have enjoyed bangkok sukumvit, some few Thai woman who knows me are Lak, Nette Nongnuch, Naree wongkam. I have been to yoga studios like absolute yoga , bangkok elements, Yoga in chiangmai during my travels.In Bayarea i have been to yoga is youth in mountainview, avalonyoga, Institute of Noetic sciences, I have been to communities of Narcis tarcau alias Swami vivekananda saraswati and Usharbud arya alias Swami veda bharati. I have dropped into ashtanga and anusara yoga classes.I have also visited a litsa kapantais in charlotte north carolina in 2007 I have stayed in CHiangmai TopNorth guest house, Royal guest house, Miami hotel bangkok and stayed in Khaosan road as well. I have enjoyed Breakfasts in Radisson and Royal orchid resorts.I have enjoyed backpacker community in Koh pipi Koh phangan and Koh samui. I lost the website b2evolution files and is not able to recover it. I lost 90 percent of my postings because of being attacked by Sridhar and his son sanjay and RSS frends of Sanjay who are criminals who i accuse of murdering my mother. If anyone has saved it please give it to me.I lost about 90 percent of my website by being forcefully separated from my mother for three months and detained in a allopathy class hospital against my wishes so kindly help me solve this.My mother was forced to pay 150000 Rs.She lived with me in mettupalayam 350Rs in 2017 a day room and i was prevented from renting there. I am WatPo certified Thai masseuse i could have healed her. I was prevented from shifting her to a 350Rs room in palakkad from hospital as well. My mother would have lived few years more. She died in pain.Please enforce Amy rainier starkey or the woman sara i met at the trainstation protect me and i return to United States as i have no relations in India and stuck here because of poverty. The woman Sara and Amystarkey are partners to this because of being websavvy but would not Create a public record of atleast knowing about my website Update April 9 2020 I am willing to be employed in Yoga SPA or be married to someone who has some wealth income immediately to return to USA. Me and my mother and Amy has gone to Mysore palace in Dec 2000.Update 0927AM jan 12 2020 Amy is the only woman i had sexual coitus that my mother met and she is unfortunate and i am not unfortunate as well

Watch a Pilates Video i have used to increase number of body parts

You can contact me by phone at +62.85792610217 by emails to [email protected] [email protected] [email protected] [email protected] [email protected]